While most women crave for a hair-free body, men are not far behind. They have been using the same waxing and shaving methods to get rid of the unsightly tuft of hair on their chests and legs for long. However, the challenges associated with regular shaving cannot be ignored.

For example, you have to shave almost daily to avoid pricking your body hair to others and have to keep changing the razors regularly. Naturally, a lot of men are drifting towards laser hair removal in Melbourne, which provides them with long-lasting results.

Since we all agree that shaving your body every day can become an arduous chore, it is time to know about the advantages of switching to laser. Here is why laser hair removal for men is better than picking up a razor after every few days.

Results Last Longer

While shaving, the razor moves over the surface of the skin and removes the hair only superficially. This is the reason why it starts growing back from the next day and gives you a prickly skin.

On the other hand, the laser penetrates a beam of light into the deeper layer of the skin and destroys the hair follicles without causing any damage.

Thus the hair takes a long time to grow back, almost a year. You can maintain your body with the help of regular touch-ups and stay permanently smooth on the outside.

Ingrown Hair Can Be Forgotten

One of the major drawbacks of shaving is that you have to deal with the dark and bumpy ingrown hair that can make your body look unattractive.

It is a by-product of shaving and is known as pseudofolliculitis barbae, where the hair grows back into the skin and leads to inflammation.

These razor bumps appear in areas with thick hair growth, which is often caused by shaving. People who have this problem need to stop shaving immediately and opt for laser hair removal, which clears ingrown hair in a few sessions.

No Side Effects

If you have been shaving, then you must be aware of the small cuts and nicks that happen every time you use the razor. Some people with sensitive skin can also get razor burns, and there is also the possibility of contracting a bacterial infection due to recurrent shaving.

Laser hair removal, on the other hand, is completely safe and does not cause pain, only a slight sensation which is easily tolerable. It is less painful than waxing, and the amount of pain depends on the pain threshold of the individual and the area which is being treated.

There is least downtime in laser. You just have to stay away from excessive sweating for 1-2 days and cannot go out in the sun for a few weeks, but after that, you are a free bird.

Laser does not affect the epidermis, and it only targets the pigment present in the hair, so there is no skin problem or irritation. At most, people can feel inflammation and redness which goes away within 24 hours.

Easier To Shape Up The Fuzz

Grooming has become a part of the daily routine of most men. With metrosexual men spending a lot of time on shaping their beards, laser hair removal serves as an ideal choice to get things under control.

It helps in thinning of thick and coarse facial hair and eliminates the collar rash and the unpleasant stray hair on the cheekbones and neck area. You can give a smooth outline to your beard and enjoy a stylish look which will last for a long time.

Quick And Desirable Results

The qualified laser technician will examine your skin tone and hair growth to draw up your therapy plan, which usually includes 5-10 session depending on the area that needs to be covered. All the sessions are spaced 4-6 weeks apart, and each sitting can be completed within your lunch hours.

You can go about doing your daily work and running errands after the session without any difficulty. Just avoid exercising or rigorous physical activity for 24 hours and don’t get the treated area exposed to the sun.

The laser hair removal procedure gives the best possible results with 80%-90% reduction in hair growth. With annual touch-ups, you can say goodbye to body hair forever.

Summers Will Become Your Best Friend

Excessive body hair can make you feel warm and sweat more, which can lead to body odour and rashes in the scorching temperatures. Thus to stay hygienic and fresh, you must remove the hair, especially if you are an athlete or have to work in hot climatic conditions.

Laser allows you to stay hair-free so you can hit the beach whenever you need and surprise your partner with smooth skin as often as you want.


It is no surprise that most men would jump with joy on being told that they don’t have to shave every day. If you want to be among those men who can flaunt their chiselled body without a thick coat of hair, then ditch the razor and opt for laser hair removal in Melbourne. It will make your life a lot easier by eliminating the hassle of shaving regularly.

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