Men have always been proud of their mane, but things have changed. While the beard is still considered classy and sophisticated, hair on the chest, back and arms has become unpopular. Shaving body hair regularly is too much of a hassle as men already have the burden of maintaining their facial hair.

Thus, most of them prefer expert laser hair removal Melbourne to take care of the unwanted hair peeping from under the shirt’s collar or the sleeves. The safe and successful procedure has helped various men get the look they desire. Like women, men can also enjoy the myriad benefits of laser hair removal. Let us help you understand them to make an informed decision about the treatment.

1. Better Health and Hygiene

Excessive hair growth on the body is often labelled as unhygienic and scruffy. It can also increase body temperature and make you uncomfortable when you are out in the scorching sun.

Staying outdoors can drench you in sweat in no time if you have a coat of hair on your body. Thus, laser hair removal can help you look neat and stay cool in warm weather.

 2. No More Shaving Your Chest and Legs

The best part of laser hair removal is that it thins out the voluminous hair you may have on your body. Thus, you no longer need to stack razors for the chest, arms, and legs. Also, it is impossible to reach the back if you wish to have smooth skin while going for a dip in the pool or hitting the beach.

It saves a whole lot of time, effort and money spent on the chore. It will also save you from the pain of nicks and cuts caused by the razor or the burns of hot wax. You can become hair-free for more than six months with laser hair removal, and the regrowth is almost negligible, which can be removed with a touch-up.

3. Respite from Ingrown Hair

Shaving causes ingrown hair, which is the growing back of the hair into the skin. It can also happen because of dead skin clogging the hair follicles and not allowing them to come out. The ingrown hair can turn into a painful bump or a pimple that looks unsightly.

It can also be filled with pus and can lead to scarring and infection. Laser hair removal is helpful in getting rid of ingrown hair or folliculitis. Since the light emitted by the system destroys the follicles and prevents or delays future hair growth, the bumps on the skin will disappear, and you can eliminate all the pain and discomfort associated with them.

4. Clean and Well-Maintained Look

Men have become more conscious about grooming and are going all out to look perfect. Body hair is no longer considered a symbol of masculinity and people are getting rid of the fuzz on their shoulders, arms, back, legs and chest.

Laser treatment allows them to enjoy smooth skin without any prickly hair jutting out of their bodies. The long-term results of the procedure make it highly favourable among men with voluminous body hair.

5. Perfect for those with Receding Hairlines

Men across the world struggle with baldness, receding hairlines and thinning of hair on the scalp. The bald patches can make you lose confidence and hide your head under caps or wigs. It is an uphill task to stop excessive hair loss because it can be hereditary, hormonal or age-related.

Thus, most men prefer shaving their heads to maintain a neat and clean look. However, doing it every day can be troubling. Laser hair removal proves beneficial for men who shave their heads as it allows them to look good with the least effort.

6. Customised Hair Removal

Sometimes the volume of hair on your face or body can make you uncomfortable, such as hair on the ears, neck, forehead, or knuckles. With laser hair removal, the level of hair that needs to be maintained can be customised.

Whether you wish to have thinner hair on your beard or remove the middle part of your unibrow, you can ask your practitioner to provide tailored treatment. The stray hair above the beard line can make you look messy.

However, with laser therapy, you can get a perfectly defined beard line that is in shape and looks immaculate. You can choose the volume of hair you wish to have in a particular area with this procedure, which is not possible with any other hair removal technique.

7. Ideal for Athletes

Sportspersons and athletes sweat a lot and excessive body hair can cause friction and itchiness. Thus, cyclists, marathon runners, bodybuilders and other such athletes need to remove their body hair to feel comfortable and cooler.

It helps in getting rid of the pain felt during massages because of the body hair getting pulled during the treatments. Laser hair removal helps them to keep their body ready for extreme weather and physical activity.


Looking flawless is not just a female whim. Men are equally interested in maintaining a polished appearance. Naturally, most of them are opting for laser hair removal in Melbourne to enjoy the numerous benefits of this treatment.

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