Laser treatment has proven to be a blessing for several skin-related problems such as wrinkles, unwanted hair, tattoo removal, etc. The market is flooded with umpteen procedures utilising different types of laser beams to heal a plethora of skin ailments.

However, administering the laser is not a child’s play and cannot be performed by anybody and everybody. It requires a qualified technician with experience to execute the light-based cosmetic treatment.

An untrained individual cannot only mess up the procedure but also cause permanent damage to the skin, including burns and blemishes. So when you are planning to undergo laser hair removal in Melbourne, you must ensure that you consult a skilled laser technician.

Here are the top five reasons for contacting a qualified professional who can ensure a smooth procedure that produces desired results.

1. An Expert Understands Your Requirement Better Than Anyone Else

When you consult a reputed specialist in the field, you are bound to benefit from the rich experience carried by that person. They will examine your skin type, tone and hair follicles to understand how your skin will respond to the laser treatment.

They will inform you about the type of laser that will be used and discuss the side-effects and risks associated with the procedure to make you aware of the downsides. The technician will also talk about the details of how laser hair removal can affect your tattoo and the schedule of the sessions required for the procedure.

You will be discussing the plan in the first consultation, which will include the gap between the sessions and the recovery time. The technician will gather as much information about your medical history as possible and document it in your file.

The expert will also describe the pre and post care rules which need to be observed by the client in all situations. Lastly, they will give you the details of the costing and any other recommendation requested by you.

2. A Professional Will Know How To Use The Equipment

All medical-grade machines used for laser treatment must comply with the Australian laser safety standards, and the classification of the product must be clearly visible on the product. These Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved machines must be controlled by experts who are trained in their usage and management.

If the technician is not trained in conducting the procedure, it can lead to some serious mishaps. A skilled professional will take care to tune the settings as per the requirements of the client’s skin tone and hair type.

3. A Competent Technician Will Keep The Safety Guidelines In Mind

Although laser treatment does not expose the client to harmful radiations, some precautions are needed to ensure no harm comes their way. The qualified technicians provide their patients with protective eye gear and also wear it themselves to avoid eye contact with the light beam.

This is especially required when the treatment is being done on the face. Besides these, the technician will make sure that you are not under any kind of medication or have a skin tan or sunburn, which can affect the treatment and also damage your skin.

A technician trained in Class IV laser technology will have a radiation protection plan in place along with rooms that adhere to the safety standards.

4. A Skilled Technician Will Make You Feel Comfortable

From the moment you consult a proficient technician, you will get the feeling that you are in good hands. You can assess the reputation of the skin clinic and contact past clients to quash any doubts. An experienced technician will help you feel relaxed and take every measure to make the session convenient.

From the client’s posture to resetting the intensity of the laser and using a cooling gel to reduce the sensation and heal the skin, they will make it easy, quick and less painful. On the other hand, a novice will be struggling at every step of the treatment and might forget about after-care advice.

5. A Proficient Technician Will Make Adjustments According To Your Skin

The needs of dark skin are different from light skin, and thus, the wavelength of the laser is also distinct. The lasers which work best on dark skin are Nd:YAG and diode and they are delivered at a slower pace allowing the skin to cool down.

The effects of laser hair removal are more pronounced in people with lighter skin tones and dark hair as optimum results are obtained when there is a higher contrast between the skin and hair colour. Alexandrite and diode lasers are used for light skin colour.

A qualified technician will be aware of all the possibilities and adjust the laser and the procedure according to your skin.


It is quite evident that a qualified professional is always a more trustworthy option than choosing an inexperienced and untrained person. Therefore, if you want a safe and sound laser hair removal treatment in Melbourne, then opt for a competent professional with the required qualifications.

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