Getting inked is not uncommon these days. From a small bird flying near the neckline or barbed wire on the wrist to some religious verses on your ribs, tattoos come in all shapes, colours and sizes. Another trend that has grown in popularity is laser hair removal in Melbourne, which ensures that you don’t have to pick up the razor or the waxing strips again.

It gives you a long-lasting respite from regular hair plucking and shaving. Laser hair removal surely sounds comforting and exciting, but what happens to your prized tattoos during the treatment? Will the laser affect the ink too? This question has left many scratching their heads without getting a concrete answer.

Well, the answer to this burning question is a big yes. The laser does affect the tattoo, and it is not possible to get the treatment done without altering the ink. Let us discuss in detail how laser hair removal affects tattoos and what options do people with tattoos have in case they want to go for the treatment.

Why Is Laser Hair Removal Over Tattoos Not Recommended?

The concern behind technicians recommending patients to avoid laser hair removal over tattooed body parts has a logical explanation. The laser being used for hair removal is attracted to the pigment in the hair and hair follicles, which absorbs the laser energy. It destroys the follicles to stop the regrowth of the hair.

It works best on pale skin with no tanning or sunburns or tattoos. Since tattoos are also stored as a pigment in our skin, the laser gets attracted to the ink and can lead to damaging consequences through the excessive production of heat. It can not only become painful but also cause burns, fading or even distortion of the body art.

It can damage the tattoo permanently and cause blisters that can take a long time to heal. The practitioners thus have to work around the tattoo very cautiously to avoid any reaction with the ink. Therefore you must consult an experienced technician who can administer the procedure with precision.

If you meet someone who advises you otherwise, then it is better to head in the other direction as they are taking you for a ride. As stated above, there is no way that the laser used for hair removal will not affect the tattoo.

Does The Treatment Work As Laser Tattoo Removal Too?

No, it does not, and the two should not be confused with each other as the lasers have varying intensity. Though the laser used in laser hair removal is different from the one used in laser tattoo removal, it does make an impact on the ink.

However, it cannot be used for laser tattoo removal as both have their unique characteristics and cannot be utilised for the same purpose. If you want to get both the tattoo and the hair removed through laser, then first go for the laser tattoo removal treatment.

Once the skin has healed completely, and the tattoo has faded away, you can start with the laser hair removal treatment only after consulting your technician. If you don’t want to alter your tattoo in any way, then the practitioner will have to work around it for achieving the best results.

How To Get Laser Hair Removal Done Without Affecting The Tattoo?

If the tattoo is on the same body part from where you intend to get the hair removed, then you need a licensed laser technician who has experience and knowledge in the field. They usually create a template to cover the tattooed part so that the laser doesn’t get attracted to the ink and removes the hair from the surrounding areas.

The technician will ensure that there is a safe distance of 2-3 centimetres between the treated parts and the tattoo to keep the art protected and avoid the risk of blisters and burning. It is a safe procedure which ensures that you get rid of the unwanted hair and can flaunt your tattoo in all its glory.

What Should I Do If I Want Laser Hair Removal And Have A Tattoo?

Several people have chosen amateurs for the procedure and left the clinics with severely burned skins which cannot be re-inked either. To save yourself from such horrific accidents, you must consult a trained and experienced laser hair removal practitioner and inform them about your tattoos well in advance before the treatment begins.

While the laser will remove the hair from the surrounding areas, you can continue to shave the tattooed part to remove the hair. Also, if it is a small tattoo, then you do not have to worry much as it can be easily covered with a template.

However, if it is a big tattoo covering the entire arm, then you might not be the right candidate for laser hair removal in Melbourne.


It may sound heartbreaking that laser hair removal can affect your tattoo, but you need not be disheartened. The able and competent practitioners can take care of the tattoo and remove the hair safely. So consult your technician and enjoy your hair-free body with confidence.

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