A vast number of people live with unwanted tattoos because they no longer relate to their body art. The reasons for regret are many, but most want a permanent solution. Laser tattoo removal in Melbourne offers a successful and safe treatment that gets rid of the ink forever.

However, it offers the best results when performed in the right way. Also, adhering to the instructions of the clinician is of the utmost importance. If you do not pay attention to these details, then you can end up wasting money on the treatment and get unsatisfactory results.

Here are the factors that can affect the outcome of laser therapy. Make sure that you follow the right path to remove the ink permanently.

Reasons Your Treatment Is Not Working

If you feel that your laser tattoo removal treatment is not showing the desired results, then you should understand that it is a lengthy process which takes time. However, you will witness fading after the first few sessions. If that is not happening, then you are doing something wrong. Here is what could be the reason for unproductive results. 

1. Technology Used for The Treatment

Lasers have come a long way from their inception. The latest advancement in technology has made it possible to remove the tattoo by shattering the ink pigment into tiny particles. Thus, the laser being used for the procedure must be potent enough to do the job without harming the surrounding skin tissue.

The Q-switched laser allows using a combination of wavelengths which help in the removal of all types and colours of tattoo ink. Therefore, you just enquire about the type of laser being used at the clinic which you have chosen for the treatment.

2. Experience of the Practitioner

Sometimes, you may find the best technology being used at a clinic, but they do not have qualified staff to administer it. An amateur practitioner can mess up the procedure and lead to scarring or burning of the skin.

The operator should have the knowledge of which wavelength is absorbed by which tattoo ink colour to make the treatment a success. If he will use the wrong wavelength, then it will not be absorbed by the ink pigment and will produce no results.

Black ink absorbs all the colours, so it is the easiest to remove. On the other hand, multi-coloured tattoos take more time and are challenging to remove. Thus, make sure that you check the credentials and experience of the clinician.

3. Sun Exposure

Many people undergoing the treatment do not take this seriously, but exposing the treated area to the sun can interfere with the procedure. You should keep the tattoo away from the harmful UVA and UVB radiations before, during and after the treatment.

Tanned or sunburnt skin is not ideal to withstand the heat produced by the laser. So, make sure that you avoid going out during the peak hours of 10 am to 4 pm and apply sunscreen of SPF30 or more while venturing outside.

4. Spacing of Sessions

The treatments must be spaced at least six to eight weeks apart. It helps in the healing of the treated skin before the next session. The same gap should be maintained between consecutive appointments.

It is necessary to allow the natural filtration process to expel the fragmented ink particles from the body. If the gap is reduced, it will not allow the body to perform the function, and the result will be unsatisfactory.

5. Volume and Position of the Ink

Professional tattoo artists are able to penetrate the epidermis and place the ink in the dermis while an amateur may not be able to do it. Thus professional tattoos take more time as there is more ink in the deeper layers of the skin.

You must be patient and do not think that the laser will be able to disappear the ink overnight. It will take time, and you will have to wait for it to happen.

6. Post Treatment Care

The treated area has been subjected to heat and light, so it is necessary to keep it cool after the procedure. Placing an ice pack immediately after the session and bandaging the area after the application of an antibiotic ointment is recommended for faster recovery.

You should not take hot water baths or put the treated skin directly under high-pressure water. Clean it with cool water and pat dry instead of rubbing the towel on the skin. Keep changing the bandage for three days.

Avoid strenuous exercise or physical activity for two days after the session. Wear loose clothing and keep it away from the sun and infections.

7. Weak Immune System

A strong immune system plays a significant role in eliminating the disintegrated ink particles from the body naturally. If the immunity of the person is low, then it will take longer than usual to expel the shattered ink.

Thus, you must work on maintaining a healthy lifestyle by eating wholesome meals and exercising regularly. Also, you must quit smoking and stay away from other unhealthy habits that can make you fall sick or reduce your immunity.


Every tattoo is unique and is eliminated at a different speed. Thus, you should not be disappointed if it is taking time to disappear. You will notice fading after the first few sessions. Keep the points mentioned above in mind while undergoing laser tattoo removal in Melbourne to make sure that you are following the correct path.

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