The laser tattoo removal industry has been growing by leaps and bounds in Australia and is expected to generate $3.04 million by 2026. The treatment has proven to be a significant respite for those struggling with the elimination of regrettable ink.

Currently, there are no standard laws for phototherapy in the country, and every state has its own regulations in place. There are several people who visit spas and obscure places for laser tattoo removal in Melbourne and end up getting scarred or burnt.

The primary reason behind this is the incapability of the technician or their outdated laser systems. Thus, it is highly essential to ensure that the treatment is carried out by a qualified practitioner who ensures the complete safety of the procedure. Here is a rundown on why you need a qualified practitioner for the therapy.

 Who Can Perform A Laser Tattoo Removal?

A laser practitioner operating in Victoria needs to have a Laser Safety Officer Certificate. However, there are no regulations on the use of lasers in the state, which has led to the mushrooming of various laser tattoo removal pop up shops, spas, and centres.

Also, the licensing framework is not regulated in the state. The cosmetic laser treatments can have damaging side effects if administered by an amateur or uncertified individual. Only dermatologists, nurses, and skin clinicians with the required certification, knowledge of anatomy and hands-on training with the equipment are eligible to perform the treatment. The manufacturer training can be lengthy and must be completed by the practitioner to avoid risks.

In addition, the laser system and equipment should comply with the required Australian laser safety standards. The class 4 laser system utilised for tattoo removal is medical-grade equipment that must be handled by professionals and qualified individuals who are aware of the safety standards.

With the demand for tattoo removal growing, many unqualified operators have taken up space and are trying to dupe people and causing skin damage. Besides using the latest laser system, the expertise of the practitioner plays a significant role in the successful removal of the ink. An untrained and unqualified individual can mess up the treatment even with the most advanced system in place.

How Do I Find A Reputable Laser Tattoo Removal Practitioner?

Identifying a respected laser tattoo removal practitioner in your vicinity is essential to ensure a successful outcome of the treatment. Here are a few points that should be kept in mind by people looking to get their ink removed.

  • Pre-Treatment Consultation

The practitioner must explain the treatment procedure in detail to the client and also inform them about the associated risks. They must ask about the medical history of the client and the medication being taken by them.

They should inform about the duration of the treatment and the precautions to be exercised by the client before the first appointment. They must also tell you about the aftercare process to ensure adequate healing of the treated area.

  • Credentials

Although laser licensing is not mandatory in Victoria, you must check for the qualifications of the operator to understand their level of expertise. Besides the required certifications as per the industry standards, the practitioner must have years of experience in the field and the required knowledge of various skin types and their sensitivity.

The practitioner must have appropriate knowledge of safety provisions needed while using lasers,such as training courses provided by the manufacturer of the equipmentfor maximum safety. An individual with no medical background or knowledge of human skin should not be performing the therapy.

  • Equipment

Find out the laser system that is being used by the laser clinic. You should not settle for anything less than Q-Switched Nd: YAG, which is approved by FDA. The only other laser system that is helpful in tattoo ink removal is the picosecond laser technology.

Thus, you must look for clinicians who are using these systems for laser tattoo removal. Intense Pulse Light is not the right treatment for tattoo removal and can lead to scarring or burns.

  • Knowledge of Wavelengths

Different wavelengths work on different ink colours. Black is the only colour that absorbs all the wavelengths, and thus, it is the easiest to remove. However, multi-coloured tattoos need different wavelengths. Thus, the practitioner should be aware of the use of every wavelength.

  • Skin Test

Every dermatologist or skin clinician must use the Fitzpatrick Scale to determine the skin type of the client before going ahead with the therapy.

It helps in determining the safety protocols for the treatment since people with Skin Type IV and above are susceptible to injury during a light-based treatment. The practitioner must follow the necessary safety measures to ensure minimum side effects. A reputed clinician will conduct this test during the first consultation.

  • Safety Measures

Understand the precautions and safety parameters to be utilised by the practitioner during the therapy. The equipment must comply with the safety standards, the centre should be neat and clean, and the practitioner must provide ocular eye shields to protect the cornea from the impact of the laser.


Laser tattoo removal in Melbourne is one of the most sought-after procedures. It is imperative for people seeking the treatment to look for a qualified practitioner so that there is no health risk involved. Keep the points mentioned above in mind to make sure that you find the right place with expert operators.

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