Laser tattoo removal has become one of the most sought-after treatments among the inked population. It has come as a respite for those who regret their tattoos and need a permanent solution for their removal. Most of the other treatments offer either dissatisfying results or come with side effects and can even leave a permanent scar.

Thus, laser tattoo removal in Melbourne has become the favoured option for people looking for safe and successful elimination of ink. If you have decided to undergo the treatment, it is vital to understand the removal procedure and how it can benefit you over other treatments.

So here is a rundown on the process and its advantages to give you a clear picture of laser therapy.

 How Is Laser Tattoo Removal Carried Out?

The tattoo ink is placed below the epidermis, which makes it challenging to remove. However, the advanced laser systems can penetrate effectively up to the deeper layer and remove the ink. The system utilises a high-intensity light beam to heat up and disintegrate the ink pigment.

The pulses of light energy are absorbed by the ink, which leads to their shattering. However, it does not impact the surrounding skin tissue as it is applied to the skin for a brief period. Different colours absorb different wavelengths, so the laser practitioner must make sure that he is using the required wavelength to break down the ink.

While black colour absorbs all laser wavelengths and thus, is the easiest to remove. Other colours require using specific wavelengths. In the case of a multi-coloured tattoo, the practitioner utilises advanced Q-switched laser systems that offer four wavelengths in one beam.

It helps in working on different ink pigment simultaneously, which reduces the time of the treatment and offers better results. One important thing to remember here is that all the ink pigment cannot be disintegrated in one session.

It requires multiple treatments ranging from 6-12 sessions, depending on the size, colour, age, location, and volume of ink. Also, the patient needs to wait for a period of 6 to 8 weeks between subsequent treatments. After the ink is shattered, the lymphatic system flushes out the tiny particles from the body naturally.

The wait between two treatments allows the body’s defence mechanism to expel the ink and aids in the healing of the epidermis if there is any scabbing on the surface.

Benefits of Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser therapy scores over other treatments, such as dermabrasion, removal creams and chemical peels as they all can lead to scarring and other side effects. However, laser tattoo removal does not cause any skin problems. Here are the myriad benefits of this treatment.

  • Safe and Successful

Laser removes the ink permanently without affecting the skin. Only a few patients experience scabbing or blistering after the session that can be treated by the practitioner. However, it is essential to find an experienced and qualified practitioner who is using the latest laser system for the removal of the ink. It does not affect the eyes of the patient as they are made to wear protective ocular shields to safeguard the cornea.

  • Works on All Types and Sizes of Ink

Laser is effective in removing large tattoos that are spread all over the back, chest, or arms. The number of sessions increases along with the size of the artwork, but it can all be removed without any trace. In addition, the advanced laser systems allow quick removal of all colours, including red, green, yellow and neon.

  • Allows Fading or Custom Modification

Unlike other procedures, laser tattoo removal can help a person to remove a tattoo partially or get it faded for a cover-up. The patient can inform about the exact requirements to the practitioner, and they will use the laser accordingly. The practitioner will cover the part that does not need to be removed and fade or remove the rest of it.

  • Quick Recovery

The epidermis does not get affected during the procedure since it is a non-invasive procedure. The practitioner will provide you with a cold compress to reduce inflammation immediately after the treatment and bandage the area. It is significant to follow the aftercare instructions to avoid damage to the treated skin.

  • Minimal Pain

Contrary to popular belief, the procedure causes minimal pain. It feels like a rubber band snapping against your skin. However, most practitioners apply a topical anaesthetic to make the treatment pain-free. Make sure that you do not take any painkillers and inform your practitioner about your medical history before undergoing the treatment.

  • Utilises Body’s Defence Mechanism

Another advantage of opting for laser tattoo removal is that it relies on the natural filtration process of the human body to expel the ink. The impact of the laser puts the body’s defence mechanism into action, which begins the healing process. It produces increased levels of elastin and collagen and helps in flushing out the ink particles.


The long list of benefits and the safety of the procedure have made laser tattoo removal in Melbourne a preferred choice for people who regret the ink on their bodies. If you are contemplating the elimination of your tattoo, look no further. Laser therapy is the best way to get rid of it.

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