Although lasers have made it easier than ever to remove tattoos permanently, there are a few factors that can make the treatment lengthier. The colour of the tattoo is one of them. While some colours get removed quickly, others take more effort and time.

The most prominent question asked by people who want to get rid of regrettable ink is which colour is the hardest to remove. However, colour is not the only factor which determines the number of sessions.

If you are undergoing laser tattoo removal in Melbourne, then you must be aware that some tattoos can be challenging to fade. However, it does not imply that the tricky ones cannot be removed. All the ink colours can be eliminated from all skin types.

The colour of the ink along with other factors is significant in determining the number of sessions required to erase the tattoo.

How Colours Affect Laser Tattoo Removal?

Lasers are high-intensity light beams which usually have a single wavelength. Different ink colours absorb different wavelengths and the higher absorption of light results in quicker removal of the tattoo.

Since black colour absorbs all wavelengths, it is the easiest to eliminate. On the other hand, colours which are unable to absorb most of the wavelengths take longer to remove. Thus, a tattoo which is not black or has several colours will take more time than a tattoo made with only black ink.

A few other colours which are quick to get expelled from the body are brown, dark green and dark blue. However, light green and light blue are difficult to remove.

Which Colour Is the Hardest to Remove?

It may come as a surprise to you, but white ink is the hardest to remove because it reflects most of the wavelengths. Thus, it requires a combination of different wavelengths to get the white colour out of the skin.

However, the process becomes longer as the number of sessions is increased. Also, white ink is not very commonly used in body art, so there are very few customers who want to get rid of it.

Which Other Colours Can Pose A Challenge?

While no other colour is as hard as white, a few of them can take more time. These include yellow, orange, red and fluorescent colours. Since some of these take too much time, many people opt for fading rather than complete removal.

Customised tattoo fading helps them to get a coverup and hide the unwanted tattoo. Fading proves economical too. Also, they can choose to keep a part of the tattoo and remove the rest with laser treatment.

Which Other Factors Affect Tattoo Removal?

Besides the colour of the ink, the following factors play a significant role in deciding the duration of the treatment.

Age of the Tattoo

The ink deposited in the dermis gradually starts fading with time. However, it does not disappear completely. It only becomes lighter by a few shades due to the body’s natural defence mechanism working towards the elimination of the foreign material (ink).

Since the size of the ink particles is too big, the immune system is not able to remove it completely. The laser helps in the process by breaking it down into tiny particles which are then flushed out of the system. Thus, older tattoos are already faded and require less effort and time.

Laser Technology Used

The traditional laser was not able to work on multi- coloured tattoos. However, the latest advancements in laser systems like the Q-switched lasers are capable of removing all inks permanently. The Q-switched laser directs a combination of wavelengths on the ink, which makes the process less time-consuming.

Tattoo Artist

If the tattoo was created by a professional, then more ink will be placed in the deeper layers. However, if it was done by an amateur, then the ink may not have penetrated too deep.

Thus, it is easier to remove the at-home ones. In addition, some designs may only have outlining, so they will be quickly treated. On the other hand, body art which has a lot of ink and solid areas will take more time.

Size of the Tattoo

It is apparent that tattoos which cover a wider area of the skin will take more time than a smaller one. Also, if the tattoo has a complex design with too many colours, then it can take longer. The simple ones can be eliminated effortlessly.


It may not seem significant to you, but the position of the tattoo on your body also helps in determining how quickly it can be removed. If the tattoo is closer to the heart, such as on the shoulder or the biceps, the disintegrated ink particles will be flushed out quickly. It is because blood circulation is better in these parts of the body, and they heal faster.

Health of the Person

People who are active and healthy have a strong immune system, which helps in expelling the ink out of the body. Thus if you have been staying fit, then you can improve your chances of getting rid of the ink quickly.


Colours make an impact on the appearance as well as the removal of the tattoo. However, there are various other elements that decide the duration of the treatment. So, if you are planning to undergo laser tattoo removal in Melbourne, then you must consult a certified and trained clinician for a customised consultation.

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