Tattoo removals are on the rise with more and more people opting for it. The opportunity to get rid of the ink comes as a respite to those who have been living with undesirable designs. From removing names of unforgivable ex-lovers to tattoos created by amateurs, there are several sad stories behind an unwanted artwork.

While dozens of tattoo removal procedures have surfaced over the years, most of them have only disappointed the users. This is the reason why every person opting for tattoo removal in Melbourne is concerned about the safe and permanent elimination of the ink.

Most dermatologists will inform you that the only successful solution for tattoo removal is laser therapy. However, permanent removal is dependent on a variety of factors. The laser technician and the client have to work in tandem to achieve the best results. So here are the factors that make complete tattoo removal a reality.

1. Choosing An Experienced Technician

An inexperienced tattoo artist can ruin your design. Similarly, an unprofessional laser technician can damage your skin permanently. So make sure that you choose a renowned skin clinic which has been offering the service for a few years.

They should be using the latest medical-grade laser system which produces multiple wavelengths and can help in removing multi-coloured tattoos. They should use Q-switched laser which does not transfer heat to the surrounding skin, and thus, there is no chance of burning or pigmentation. Q-switched lasers have been instrumental in completely removing tattoos, making modifications and fading them for cover-ups.

2. Complete Removal Happens Over Several Sessions

Laser tattoo removal takes time and patience. It cannot be completed in one session, and the subsequent appointments are spaced at least six weeks apart. On average, a small size tattoo may take six to eight sessions.

However, the duration is dependent on the size, location, age, skin tone and the colour of the ink of the tattoo. You should not try to reduce the gap between the sessions as it is vital for the healing of the skin. The larger tattoos take more time.

On the other hand, tattoos which have been made years ago take lesser time to remove as they are already faded. The ones which are located closer to the heart get removed quickly, while those which are away from the heart take more time as the level of blood circulation is lower in these parts.

3. Multi-Coloured Tattoos Take Time

The coloured tattoos need the use of different wavelengths to work on different colours. Thus they take more time as green, yellow and blue shades are challenging to remove. Black tattoos are the easiest to remove and take less time as they absorb all the wavelengths. The Q-switched laser helps in removing all colours from every skin tone with ease.

4. Type of Tattoo Ink Can Affect The Removal

According to the guidelines laid down by the tattoo inks should not contain specific chemicals. However, many Melbournians get inked overseas where the norms are not strict.

These inks may consist of chemicals like lead that are difficult to remove through other tattoo removal procedures. However, lasers are highly effective in safe removals of the hardest of ink pigments. 

5. Saving The Skin From Sun Exposure

Sunbathing and tanning enhance the production of melanin in our body. If you expose the tattoo in the sun, then the skin will become tanned or get burnt, which can affect the treatment. The laser cannot work effectively on damaged skin as it becomes difficult to disintegrate the pigment.

The skin should be normal and in its original condition for the laser to make an impact. Thus you should keep the area covered while going out and wear a sunscreen of SPF 30 or above. You must continue this even after the treatment to save your skin from the harmful effects of UV radiations in Melbourne.

6.Healthy Immune System Function

The laser penetrates into the skin and disintegrates the ink into tiny particles which are expelled from the body through the natural filtration system. However, if you have a weak immune system, then it can prolong the process of removal of the ink.

A healthy person who exercises regularly and consumes a balanced diet full of essential nutrients can get rid of the ink quickly. Thus people who are undergoing the laser tattoo removal procedure must maintain a healthy lifestyle to remove the ink completely.

7. Smoking Is Considered An Obstacle

Tobacco use is not only bad for your health, but it also interferes with the removal of tattoos. If you smoke, then it may not be possible to get rid of the ink completely even after ten sessions. It delays the expulsion of the particles from the body by constricting the flow of blood.

Thus the lymphatic system is not able to pick the broken down pigment for the filtration process. Similarly, if you have the habit of consuming too much alcohol daily, then your liver and kidneys may not be in the right condition to expel the shattered ink. So make sure that you keep these bad habits at bay when undergoing the treatment.


If you are looking for treatment options for tattoo removal in Melbourne, then choosing laser therapy will help you get the best results. However, it requires your commitment towards before and after-care and the expertise of the technician to remove the ink completely.

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