Tired of looking at the same tattoo for years? Is the gothic art form on your neck making your boss uncomfortable? If yes, then you are not alone. Many people are not able to bear the burden of their tattoos. There could be a dozen other reasons that can make you hate the ink on your body.

So if you have decided to let go of the tattoo that was once your prized possession, then you must acquaint yourself with some useful information. Whether the art form adorns your arm, legs, back or a private part, advanced laser technology can effectively make it disappear with the help of successive treatments.

Your laser tattoo removal journey can become a smooth ride when you take certain precautions while ‘rethinking that ink’. For safe and successful tattoo removal in Melbourne, you must avoid doing the things mentioned below.

Staying Under The Scorching Sun

It is advisable to keep your tattoo away from sun exposure at least four weeks before starting the treatment. The reason behind this is that the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun boost the natural production of melanin and vitamin D in our bodies.

Melanin absorbs the radiation and leads to tanning or sunburns, and it can react with the light waves coming from the laser. It can cause side-effects as the skin becomes vulnerable after coming in contact with the harsh UV rays and interacts negatively with the laser.

Thus it is best to avoid sun and UV radiations before your laser tattoo removal session begins. Keeping your skin covered when you go out in the sun will make it receptive and durable and ready for the removal procedure.

Using Tanning Products And Lotions

Getting a fake tan or using tanning sprays and lotions can make matters worse when you are stepping in the clinic for a laser tattoo removal session. Our skin absorbs the toxins from such products which can delay the fading process by reacting poorly with the laser.

The toxins conflict with the laser treatment and thus need to be removed from the skin before breaking down the pigment. Thus the number of sessions increases in such cases. Also, using the self-tanning products can amplify the risk of blistering, inflammation and hyper pigmentation (darkening of the skin) after the treatment.

Opting For Alternative Treatment Simultaneously

Laser tattoo removal is a long process and takes 8 to 12 sessions depending on the size of your tattoo, its age, colour, and skin tone. The waiting period between two consecutive sessions can go up to four weeks.

It may seem like taking ages, but you need to follow the procedure and avoid expediting it by using other tattoo removal treatments such as removal creams, dermabrasion, acid removal, and salabrasion. These alternative treatments are intrusive and can cause permanent damage.

You must also avoid waxing or mechanical epilation which is commonly used for hair removal. Hair removal procedures during the treatment can cause side effects. You must stop removing hair removal creams on the tattooed skin almost six weeks before the initiation of the laser treatment.

Choosing Removal Procedure Right After Getting Inked

We are all guilty of making impulse decisions and regretting them later. However, tattoos need to stay on your skin for a while before you decide to get them removed. You can’t walk into a dermatologist’s chamber right after coming out of a tattoo parlour.

You may start disliking your tattoo just hours after getting inked but don’t start searching for removal options right away. Going for the removal process too soon can cause scarring and ink retention.

The healing process after getting tattooed takes time, so you must wait for a minimum of three months before consulting a trained professional for laser tattoo removal in Melbourne.

Taking Antibiotics During The Treatment

You must share your medical history truthfully with your clinician and tell them about the medicines you are taking. You must avoid consuming antibiotics during the treatment as it can interfere with the procedure by making the skin sensitive and leading to negative results.

Your technician will guide you whether it is safe to continue taking the medicine or not. Typically, you must stop antibiotics almost four to six weeks before your first session.

Do not take any pain killers during the treatment as they can lead to bruising of the skin. Speak to your technician for topical anaesthetic creams or other such solutions for reduction of pain.


Laser tattoo removal can get the best results in a safe and affordable manner, but you need to stick to the guidelines mentioned above for its successful completion. Ensure to keep the tattooed area clean and free from cosmetics, creams and lotions when you go for the treatment.

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