Tattoos can become too much to bear after a while when you are done flaunting them to your peers and feel an absolute urge to get your old skin back. Nothing compares to the frustration of looking at a piece of art which you do not relate to anymore.

To combat their annoyance of permanent tattoos, many people turn to cheap treatments like using a tattoo removal cream. Although better options like laser tattoo removal in Melbourne are easily accessible and affordable, people shy away from it due to the fear of pain.

Thinking that using the cream is more economical and painless, they buy these products only to feel dejected at the end of the process. Since tattoos are supposed to be permanent as the ink is injected into the dermal layer of the skin which is protected by the surface, it is almost impossible to remove them with the help of topical creams.

Such products can lighten or fade the tattoo, but complete removal is not a given. On the other hand, laser tattoo removal is a safe, affordable and not-so-painful procedure which can help you get rid of the ink comfortably. However, if you still want to know more about the removal creams, here is a rundown on their working and results.

What Is A Tattoo Removal Cream And How Does It Work?

These creams are readily available in retail stores and can work in two ways – one by bleaching the skin to fade the art form or by peeling away the epidermis or the surface of the skin. The active ingredients used in these creams are or trichloroacetic acid (TCA).

The hydroquinone is used to bleach the epidermal layer by reducing melatonin which helps in fading the pigment in the epidermis. The creams comprising TCA use a chemical burn to remove the upper layer of the skin. The top layer is replaced with new skin as the body regenerates.

However, in both cases, the creams are not able to entirely remove the tattoo as the pigment is seated deeper than the epidermis. The tattoo ink is settled in the dermis. Thus the surface-level fading doesn’t prove helpful in the permanent removal process. It can lighten the tattoo which can make it appear even worse than before.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Using These Creams?

The chemical composition of these creams can lead to several side effects. Also, the prolonged use of TCA-based tattoo removal creams can lead to scarring. The chemicals can cause inflammation, redness, itching, rashes, burning sensation, scarring and skin discolouration.

If you are allergic to any of the chemicals, then the consequences can be worse such as hives, breathing problems, swelling, nausea, vomiting, etc. Using these creams without supervision at home can be dangerous, and that is why many dermatologists suggest laser treatment for the removal of tattoos.

How Effective Are These Creams?

As discussed above, these creams are not able to remove the tattoos but only fade them. In some cases, they are able to fade away the colour of the filling, but the outline is still visible. Sometimes, you can be left with a distorted image of the original tattoo. The results have not been satisfying for these creams so far.

How To Use The Tattoo Removal Cream?

If you ever decide to go down this path, you must be careful to follow the instructions given on the product packaging. The process must start with the exfoliation of the skin. Scrub the area to remove all the dead skin cells so that the cream can be effectively absorbed by the upper layer or epidermis.

The next step is to apply the cream gently and then rubbing it on the tattooed area. Do not slather dollops of the cream in the hope of removing the tattoo quickly. Use it like any other topical ointment.

Do not cover the area immediately after applying the cream. If it is on your chest or back and you need to wear a shirt to go out, then wait till it is absorbed in the skin before putting on your clothes.

Is There A Waiting Period Before Applying The Cream Again?

Yes, there will be a waiting period which will be mentioned along with the instructions of using the cream. It typically depends on the active ingredient present in the cream and its percentage.

If the cream involves peeling of the skin, then the waiting period will get extended so that the skin is healed before the next application. You should not use the cream before the stated period; otherwise, it can lead to side effects like inflammation or scarring.


It is quite likely that you may be disappointed after the use of a tattoo removal cream as the results are not satisfactory. This is the reason why most people opt for laser tattoo removal in Melbourne which gets the best results and is much safer.

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