Hair is unwanted if it is present anywhere else on the body other than the scalp. Overgrown body or facial hair can make you embarrassed, and its removal can be painful, taxing and a recurring expense.

Thus, most people rely on laser hair removal in Melbourne to get rid of the problem for a long duration. Also, you get to say goodbye to problems like an ingrown hair, prickly stubble, and dense growth.

Although the treatment is becoming increasingly popular, many people are still not aware of the preparation it requires. Pre-treatment care is a significant part of the procedure which should not be neglected to get the best results. So here is a rundown on what you should not do before you go for the first session.

1. Get A Suntan or Sunburn

Every skin clinic will advise you to stay away from the sun before the session and even after it. Make sure that the skin is protected from the harmful UV radiations or tanning beds as tanned skin can lead to problems after the laser treatment. If the skin is sunburnt, then directing laser on it can cause blistering.

So, make sure that you wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30 or above while going out and keep yourself covered with clothing, umbrella, and hats. If you get a tan due to unavoidable circumstances, then you will have to wait for at least two weeks to get treated.

It can unnecessarily delay the process and cause interference with the procedure. Thus, try to avoid the sunlight as much as possible before the treatment.

2. Waxing and Plucking

You should not wax, epilate, or pluck out the hair for at least a month before the laser hair removal session. It is vital because the laser works by destroying the follicle and waxing rips out the hair strand from its root so the laser will not be able to work.

However, you can continue to shave as it does not remove the root of the hair, and the follicle can be easily identified by the laser. You should shave 24 hours before the session or use hair removal cream two days before the appointment to get the best results from laser hair removal.

It is highly crucial because if there will be too much hair on the surface, it can lead to blistering as the laser will work on the visible strands too.

3. Using Chemical Peels and Products

If you use chemical peels on your skin, then you must stop them two weeks before the laser treatment. Any product containing chemicals such as alpha-hydroxy, beta-hydroxyl, retinoid, Differ in and Tazorac should be kept away from the skin a week before the visit to the clinic.

These chemicals can make skin sensitive and cause skin reactions. The practitioner will still do a test patch to ensure that the skin can tolerate the heat produced by the laser, and there are no side effects.

4. Take New Medicine or Antibiotics

You will be asked about your medical history, allergies and prescribed medicines that you are regularly taking by the practitioner during the consultation. He/she will let you know about the consumption of these medicines during the treatment.

If you alter them or start taking a new medicine before the session, then you will have to inform the practitioner about it and reschedule the session accordingly. Antibiotics are known to enhance photosensitivity so you must check with your physician if you can stop them for the laser treatment or not.

5. Physical Exertion Immediately Before the Session

An arduous physical activity can increase blood pressure and body temperature, which is not ideal for laser treatment. So, you should not go to the gym or for a run just before the session.

You must give yourself a break of two hours after any kind of exertion and then begin with the laser treatment. Also, drink plenty of water on the day of the procedure to stay hydrated and keep your body temperature regulated.

6. Use Cosmetics on the Treatment Area

The area to be treated should be cleaned thoroughly before the laser treatment, and you should not apply any lotion, moisturiser, or creams on the skin. Do not use deodorants or perfumes either. You should only opt for soap and water to make it clean.

If you have undergone Botox or dermal fillers in the same area which needs hair removal, then you will have to wait for two weeks after the injections to start the laser therapy.

7. Too Much Coffee Intake

You may be addicted to your daily dose of coffee, but you will have to avoid a few cups of this beverage before the hair removal session. The caffeine present in coffee increases the sensitivity to pain and can sometimes lead to panic attacks or high levels of anxiety before the procedure.

Too many cups of coffee can also make you dehydrated. So, cut down on your caffeine intake 24 hours before the treatment.


If you have planned to opt for laser hair removal in Melbourne, then you must be aware of the pre-treatment care instructions to make it a success. Keep the tips mentioned above in mind, and you will sail through the treatment without any hassles.

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