Hair-free skin is everyone’s dream. It makes you feel beautiful and smooth and soft to touch. However, the process of achieving the result is not so easy.

Either you have to go through the painful task of waxing and tweezing or the tedious activity of regular shaving, which gives birth to coarse and thick hair. Also, you have to bear with the side-effects of ingrown hair and sometimes scabbing due to the use of hot wax.

Thus, most people these days are investing in laser hair removal in Melbourne to enjoy freedom from shaving and waxing. The long-lasting results of the safe and successful treatment are making everyone opt for it.

However, you need to choose a renowned skin clinic and experienced technician for laser therapy and take a few precautions to improve the results. Here is a rundown on what you should do to make sure the treatment goes on smoothly and brings the best output.

1. Do Not Wax or Tweeze For Six Weeks

When you have booked an appointment for laser hair removal, you should stop waxing and plucking six weeks before it. Since the laser targets the hair follicles without damaging the skin, it needs the roots in place to perform the procedure.

Hair follicles are pockets under the skin that produce the hair. The light emitted by the laser is absorbed by the melanin present in the hair, which destroys the follicle.

Thus, in order to remove the hair,its root must be intact, which is not possible if you are waxing or tweezing. Also,you should avoid bleaching because it interferes with the procedure. However, you can shave 24 hours before the treatment as it does not remove the hair from the roots. 

2. Avoid Sun Exposure

Sun exposure can damage your skin and cause tanning which can make your skin darker and unsuitable for laser treatment. In case you get a sunburn, it can make your skin irritated after the treatment.

So, make sure you wear a sunscreen of SPF 30 or above while going out a few weeks before and after the session. It is commonly recommended by laser therapists to avoid the risk of pigmentation.

3. Remove Cosmetics Before the Session

If you have the habit of applying creams and lotions on your body after a bath, then you should remove them before the appointment. Also, remove deodorants from the skin and avoid using exfoliating scrubs and cosmetics at least a week before the session.

4. Discuss Your Medical History

Your practitioner will ask you about your medical history during the first consultation, and you must honestly inform them about all the medicines you are taking.

It is vital because some blood-thinning medicines should not be consumed before laser hair removal treatment. Various medicines have photo sensitivity side-effects, and this is the reason why they are not recommended before the session.

5. Apply Ice to Soothe the Skin

The treated skin becomes temporarily inflamed. You can apply an ice pack on it to reduce the redness. Do not rub the skin or pick on it after the treatment. It must be cleaned gently without using any abrasive scrubs or loofahs for a week.

However, after one week, you must use a mild exfoliating shower gel to allow the hair shedding. Make sure that you are not too rough on the skin and pat it dry instead of rubbing the towel on it. The exfoliation helps in reducing the risk of ingrown hair and removing the damaged hair follicles.

6. Avoid Swimming and Hot Showers

After thetreatment, you should not use hot water for bathing in a tub or under the shower for at least 24 hours. Also, do not go swimming as the chemical in the water can irritate the treated skin. There are several advantages of laser hair removal, but you can leverage them if you follow the do’s and don’ts properly.

7. Stay Away From the Gym For Two Days

The laser beam radiates heat into the hair follicle which stays in the skin for a while so you must avoid anything that generates heat such as exercising, hot water, sauna, etc. The excess heat can lead to the growth of bacteria and lead to infection, so avoid hitting the gym for at least 24 hours.

8. Do Not Take Painkillers

Most people just pop painkillersto reduce the discomfort due to inflammation of the skin after the treatment. However, over the counter medicines like ibuprofen and aspirin should not be consumed after the procedure as they can cause skin irritation. You can ask your practitioner for prescribed medicine or take paracetamol to relieve the pain.

9. Avoid Treatment If You Have A Breakout

If your skin is prone to breakouts or sores, then you must inform about the same to the practitioner, so that he/she can provide some anti-viral medication to keep the problem at bay. If you already have a cold sore or red spots or acne on the skin, then wait for them to heal and then go for the treatment.


If you have decided to undergo laser hair removal in Melbourne, then you must keep the tips mentioned above in mind to enjoy the best results. It is crucial to thoroughly understand the instructions provided by the practitioner and implement them to avoid any side effects.

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