Waxing body hair is a recurring chore which is painful and tedious. Shaving has its own set of problems like quick growth, coarse and ingrown hair, nicks and bumps. Tweezing doesn’t help in covering large areas anyway! Most of the hair removal procedures end up becoming frustrating tasks that never end.

Thus people have started opting for laser hair removal in Melbourne, which offers a more permanent solution to the problem. It is the most successful way of reducing hair growth for a prolonged period without any side effects.

It can help you throw away all the razors, tweezers and wax cans out of the window and say goodbye to worrying about visible hair on your arms and legs. Here are all the benefits of laser hair removal that will make you book an appointment for the treatment right away.

1. Permanent Hair Removal

Laser hair removal destroys the hair follicles by concentrating high-intensity light beam on the pigment in the hair. It does not allow the hair to regrow for months. New growth becomes negligible after a few sessions and requires a touch-up session annually for maintenance.

The long-lasting results help people to get rid of the regular removal procedures that made things messy and wasted a lot of time. Since different hair strands are at a different stage of their growth cycle, all of them are not eliminated in one session. Therefore, it requires various appointments to remove the hair completely.

2. Does Not Cause Any Skin Damage or Pain

While waxing and threading are known to cause pain, burns and bruising, shaving can lead to cuts and painful bumps. However, laser hair removal does not cause any pain or damage. The laser beam works on the hair follicle under the epidermis and does not affect the surrounding tissues. It can cause some inflammation and swelling.

However, it is temporary and goes away. There is no pain during the destruction of the hair follicles. You will only feel a slight sensation on your body, which can be reduced by the application of a topical anaesthetic by the practitioner.

3. Suitable For All Skin Tones

Traditionally, laser hair removal could work only on people with light skin tone. However, advanced Nd:YAG laser is suitable for dark-skinned people as well. Earlier, the light beam could not differentiate between hair pigment and tissue in dark-toned skin.

The latest laser treatment does not affect the epidermis and the surrounding tissues. It selectively works on the hair follicles. However, you must make sure to visit an experienced technician who is an expert in conducting laser therapy. 

4. Cost-Effective Solution

Laser hair removal costs money upfront, but it is a one-time investment. You do not have to spend again and again on buying razors and waxing strips. Also, you will not have to spend extra dollars in the beauty salons to get smooth skin. Thus you end up saving a lot of money which is spent fortnightly on hair removal.

5. Avoid Ingrown Hair

Shaving can cause ingrown hair which can give an unsightly appearance to the skin with dark bumps all over the body. They can also become pus-filled bulbs and create permanent dark spots on the skin. If they become infected, then you need to treat them with antibiotics.

Since laser hair removal destroys the hair follicle, there is no ingrown hair problem associated with the procedure. The laser does not cause any rashes or boils and leaves the skin soft and smooth.

6. Quickly Covers A Large Area

Laser hair removal is a fast procedure, but it takes a few sessions to remove all the hair from the body. The nanosecond pulses generated by the laser destroy several follicles within seconds and can complete small surface area in minutes.

For example, laser hair removal for underarms can be completed in less than five minutes. However, the subsequent sessions are spaced four to six weeks apart, which help the skin to heal before the next appointment.

7. Stress-Free For Life

The best part about opting for laser hair removal is that you no longer have to panic about hairy legs when you have a date night planned, and there is no time to wax or shave. You don’t have to worry about your prickly hair grazing the arms of your partner after shaving. Permanent hair removal helps you to keep all the tension and worries at bay.

8. No Hair Show During The Treatment

You don’t have to grow hair on your arms and legs for the laser hair removal treatment. You can continue to shave between the subsequent sessions. Thus you do not have to put body hair on display and feel embarrassed about it during the treatment.

However, you should avoid waxing as it removes hair from the follicle. The laser needs to identify the hair follicle to destroy it, so shaving is more appropriate.


If you have been planning to undergo laser hair removal in Melbourne, then you should not be worried about any side-effects or negative impact of the procedure. It has several benefits that will not make you regret your decision

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