Facial or body hair is a menace as it needs to be removed every few days to maintain a hygienic and presentable appearance. A lot of men and women have found solace in laser hair removal in Melbourne, which has worked wonders for their skin.

However, for a long time, people of colour were not able to enjoy the perks of this treatment. The reason behind this segregation was the fear of hyperpigmentation and blistering due to the presence of excessive melanin in dark skin.

Since the laser works on the pigment present in the hair follicle, it needs to distinguish between the skin and the hair. It was believed that the contrast between the colour of skin and hair was minimal in dark people so it was not possible to remove the hair using lasers.

However, the advanced lasers have turned the tables and it is quite possible for dark people to undergo laser hair removal.  So here is a guide on laser hair removal for dark skin.

Which Laser Is Suitable For Dark Skin?

The technology that you should be looking for is Nd:YAG which works well on dark skin as its 1064 nm wavelength penetrates deeper into the skin. Thus the chances of harming the pigment present in the skin are reduced enormously since it deposits the heat energy in the dermis and does not affect the epidermis.

It is suitable for all skin types and tones and is highly recommended by experts. It is the safest choice for dark skinned people without having to face hyperpigmentation or dark spots. In 6-8 sessions, the hair growth is reduced considerably and only requires annual touch-ups to stay hair-free permanently.

However, you should consult a trained practitioner to avoid any mishaps like burning and discolouration. Also, you must be aware of the important details related to laser hair removal so that you are well-prepared for the therapy.

Last but not the least, you must conduct a thorough research about laser hair removal in Melbourne and read all the reviews before selecting a clinic. You must check for patients with dark skin who have been treated at the centre and the success rate of the procedure.

Can People of Colour Get Laser Hair Removal Treatment Done?

As stated above, black men and women can safely get laser hair removal treatment done as the advanced laser technology does not affect the skin tissue and works exclusively on the hair follicle. Skin injuries or burns have happened to people in the past as they used outdated technology for the procedure or depended upon amateur technicians for the treatment.

To avoid any side-effects, you must stop waxing and using heavy layers of makeup before the therapy. Also, you should not go for the session if you have an open wound or any other skin problem. Laser hair removal can lead to burns in any skin colour if it is not performed by a certified professional with expertise and skills. So choose your clinic wisely and follow all the precautions.

Preparations Before The Treatment

The first step is to book an appointment with an experienced technician and inform them about your medical history and skin allergies. You need to tell them about all the medications or supplements you have been taking as these can interfere with the procedure. So do not think that it does not concern your laser hair removal treatment.

Most likely you will be advised to stop taking them before the treatment as they can increase your skin’s photosensitivity which can lead to burning. You should not pluck or wax for at least two weeks before the treatment.

However, you can shave the area 14-18 hours prior to the session. The reason behind this is that waxing and plucking removes the hair bulb which needs to be intact during the laser therapy.

Avoid going out in the sun or getting tanned before the treatment as tanned skin needs lower energy or a rescheduling of the session. Make sure you postpone all the beach holidays for a while.

Precautions After the Treatment

Usually, there are no side effects of the laser treatment. Some people have experienced redness or inflammation which subsides within a day’s time. You can consult your technician about topical creams that can be applied to soothe the treated area.

You should avoid excessive sweating so stay away from the gym for a few days and do not go for a swim. The most significant precaution is avoiding direct sun exposure. Keep the treated area covered while going out and always wear a sunscreen prescribed by your technician to save yourself from sunburn or tanning.


For long, dark skinned people believed that they were not eligible to undergo the laser hair removal treatment. However, with more sophisticated and modern technology available in the form of Nd:YAG lasers, it has become possible for all skin tones to take advantage of the treatment.

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