Tattoos are hated as much as they are loved by people across ages. Also, there are many who get inked and later regret their decision. It is quite common to dislike something that you loved once because preferences, tastes and personalities change with time. Thus, many people prefer undergoing laser tattoo removal Melbourne to get rid of the unwanted ink.

However, many people make the mistake of going to an obscure spa or beauty salon for the treatment or do not follow the instructions of the practitioner, leaving much to be desired. So, here is a list of reasons that make laser tattoo removal unsuccessful so that you can avoid making these mistakes.

1. Type of the Laser System

Laser treatment has become technologically advanced and has come a long way since its establishment for cosmetic purposes. With the latest and modern equipment, it is possible to remove ink from all skin tones.

Multihued and large tattoos can also be custom faded, completely removed and faded for a cover-up. Nd:YAG laser is the most preferred laser system for the treatments, and that is why laser clinics using outdated systems should be avoided.

The traditional machines are not able to treat dark skin for tattoo removal and do not give satisfactory results. So, check the laser system at the clinic before signing up for the treatment.

2. Expertise of the Technician

Besides the laser system, the practitioner operating the equipment needs to be trained, qualified, and experienced in laser tattoo removal. They should know the right way of eliminating the ink without causing any burns or scarring.

They must understand how the ink is responding to the laser settings and use the appropriate amount of heat to break down the ink into tiny particles. The precision and skill of the technician is of utmost importance and should not be taken for granted. So, check the expertise of the staff at the clinic that you choose for the treatment.

3. Wavelength of the Laser

If the tattoo is multi-coloured, different ink pigments will absorb the light produced by the laser differently. While some colours will be quick to absorb a wavelength, others will reflect it. Thus, with multi-coloured tattoos, the technician must use multiple wavelengths at the same time for quick results.

However, he should be aware of the wavelengths that are absorbed by each shade to break them down. For example, the 1064 nm wavelength can easily get rid of black and dark coloured tattoo inks. Thus, if the technician is using the wrong wavelength, you will not get the desired result.

4. Sun Protection

Exposing the treated skin to direct sunlight can lead to burning of the skin and pigmentation. It is essential to cover up the treated area under loose cotton clothing and stay away from sunlight and its harmful radiations that can create interference with the tattoo removal process.

For the laser treatment to be successful, the skin should be healthy and devoid of sunburn and tanning. So, make sure that you stay indoors from 10 am to 4 pm and cover yourself with hats, umbrellas, and clothing while going out for weeks before and after the sessions.

5. Immune System

The tattoo ink shattered by the laser beam is disintegrated and flushed out of the body with the help of the immune system that does not allow any foreign particles to stay in the body. If your immunity is strong, the expulsion process takes place quickly.

For people with low immunity, it can become a lengthy treatment wherein fading of ink is delayed. Thus, make sure that you do not catch any viruses and stay fit and healthy throughout the procedure. Consume a healthy and wholesome diet and exercise regularly to build your immunity.

6. Caring for Treated Skin

The treated skin should be immediately covered with a cold compress after the session to cool it down. Also, it must be bandaged by the practitioner, which should be replaced regularly for three days.

The person undergoing the treatment must stay away from hot water baths and should not put the skin under the direct pressure of the shower. Clean the skin with cool water and mild soap and pat it dry with a towel. Wear loose clothing to allow the skin to breathe and avoid scraping.

7. Smoking

Smoking constricts the blood vessels that reduces the flow of blood through them and, in turn, the expulsion of the ink particles. If you have been smoking for several years, it is likely that your blood vessels have become stiff, and the cells receive less amount of oxygen.

It will take longer for the ink to be expelled because of the slower flow of blood. Thus, practitioners suggest quitting smoking to people who want to get their tattoos removed.


The demand for laser tattoo removal in Melbourne has been growing at a fast pace, but many people are still ignorant of the process. If you are among those who wish to get their tattoos removed, make sure that you keep the information provided above in mind and ensure the success of your treatment.

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