Laser tattoo removal has become the most suitable and convenient way of getting rid of unwanted ink in the past decade. The excellent results of the treatment are second to none, and it does not cause any side effects if performed by an expert and qualified practitioner.

Thus, if you have a tattoo that you regret, you can go for laser tattoo removal Melbourne to eliminate the ink. However, many people are still concerned about the impact of laser on their skin, which keeps them from getting the undesirable ink removed.

Therefore, it is highly significant to understand the process and lose inhibitions and doubts. So, here is a rundown on the procedure of laser tattoo removal that will prepare you for the treatment.

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

The tattoo ink is deposited below the epidermis in the dermis. Our immune system identifies the ink as a foreign particle and tries to eliminate it with the help of the lymphatic system. However, the phagocytic cells cannot remove the big ink particles.

Thus, the tattoo ink becomes permanent, which fades gradually over the years. It is never permanently removed on its own because of the volume and size of the ink particles. The practitioner directs high-intensity pulses of energy on the tattooed skin for a few nanoseconds during laser tattoo removal.

The laser beam heats the ink and breaks it down into tiny particles without hurting the surrounding skin. The laser is highly targeted and selectively works on the ink pigment. The colours in the tattoo absorb different wavelengths used by the laser system and become shattered.

The microscopic broken-down ink particles are then capable of moving through the vascular system. The macrophages come into action and flush the ink out of the body along with other toxins.

However, the whole process takes a long time, and that is why it involves six to twelve sessions, depending on the age, volume, size, and location of the tattoo. Also, the next appointment needs to be spaced six to eight weeks apart so that the skin can heal during this period and get ready for the next session.

How To Get Started?

When you decide to opt for laser tattoo removal, you need to conduct a thorough research about the best laser clinics in your city. Look at their websites, talk to their consultants and check out the clinic personally to examine the infrastructure, hygiene levels, meet existing patients, staff, and practitioners.

Check the credentials and licence of the practitioners and look at the before and after pictures of the patients available in the clinic. During the first consultation, the practitioner will examine the tattoo and provide you with the treatment plan.

It will help you understand the procedure, the safety measures in place, the duration of the treatment, before and aftercare instructions and the next appointment. You will have to share your medical history and list of medications you are taking with the practitioner to avoid any side effects.

The first appointment will begin with safely covering your eyes with protective eye shields and then conducting a patch test in an inconspicuous part of the body. It will help determine the reaction of the skin towards the laser and identify the most suitable energy level for the treatment.

Pain Management During Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal does not pain more than the inking process. It feels like a rubber band snapping against your skin. However, if you do not want any sensation or discomfort during the treatment, you can speak to your practitioner. In most cases, they apply a topical anaesthetic to numb the skin.

Do not take any painkillers without consulting your practitioner, as they can work against laser therapy. For example, ibuprofen and aspirin can cause severe bruising during laser tattoo removal.

The practitioner will put a cold compress on the treated area to reduce the inflammation and bandage the part. You must clean it with cold water and mild soap and then apply a fresh bandage. Keep it covered for three days to avoid infection. After that, you can keep it open but stay away from hot water baths and direct sunlight.

Factors That Make an Impact on Tattoo Removal

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind before opting for the treatment.

  • Your Immune System

Since the immune system plays an important part in expelling the ink particles, it should not be compromised during laser treatment. If you are suffering from flu or cold, your immunity will be weak, and it will slow down the process of ink removal.

  • Age of the Tattoo

Older tattoos are already faded, so they take less time to be removed, while newer tattoos take more time because the ink has been freshly placed in the skin.

  • Lifestyle

You need to lead a healthy life with a strong immune system and should not smoke as it constricts the blood vessels and restricts the flow of the ink particles. Thus, eat healthily, exercise regularly and stay away from tobacco and alcohol.

  • Colour of the Tattoo

Multi-coloured tattoos take more time to remove because different wavelengths work on different colours. Conversely, a single colour tattoo can be quickly removed.

  • Location of the Ink

The flow of blood is faster near the heart and slowest towards the ends of the limbs. Thus, if the tattoo is on the ankle and the hands, it will take more time to be removed.


Thus, if you plan to get your ink eliminated with the help of laser tattoo removal in Melbourne, you must equip yourself with all the information to prepare for the treatment.

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