If you have been shaving or waxing your legs or arms, you would be well aware of the little bumps that pop up on your skin. These black dots can sometimes become painful and swollen and cause a lot of irritation.

These are nothing but ingrown hairs which occur when the hair strand instead of growing out of the skin, curls up and grows inside it. Your skin in its response to the presence of a foreign body reacts by creating a painful bump along with redness and itching.

The unsightly appearance of ingrown hairs have made many chuck the razors, tweezers and waxing strips to embrace laser hair removal in Melbourne that promises hair-free skin for a long duration without any side-effects.

Ingrown hair is prevalent in both men and women and can occur in any part of the body including face, legs, arms, underarms, pubic hair etc. Getting rid of these annoying bumps is not at all hard. Here are a few tips to keep them at bay and enjoy healthy and smooth skin that feels soft to touch.

1. Exfoliating To Remove Dead Skin

The dead skin cells huddle up over hair follicles which make the hair grow sideways instead of coming out of the follicle and going upwards. The clogged follicles must be cleaned regularly to get rid of this problem.

You can invest in some over the counter exfoliating scrubs that remove the accumulated dead skin effectively. You can also make your own DIY exfoliation scrubs, such as a mixture of 1 cup brown sugar, half cup olive oil and a few drops of tea tree oil and lavender oil (optional).

It is also helpful in clearing up the blocked pores to give way to smooth and soft skin. You must exfoliate regularly during bathing and make sure to do it before waxing or shaving. You can even use a pumice stone or a dry brush to exfoliate and moisturise your skin afterwards to avoid drying.

2. Shave Only With The Best Products

Pamper your skin with high-quality shaving products, and it will thank you for the same. Do not resort to the dirty and corroded disposable razor blades to save time or money. It will only harm your skin with ingrown hair, infections and uneven hair growth.

If you don’t want to end up with a rash, stop using the same razor for months before you go shopping for a new pair. The disposables are meant to be disposed of after a few shaves and not to be kept for ages.

These unhygienic practices are yet another reason for ingrown hair. You can also do away with the razors and switch to other hair removal methods like creams or waxing, but these do not promise the elimination of ingrown hair.

3. Go For Laser Hair Removal

Besides offering long-term respite from a hairy body, laser hair removal technology is also beneficial in keeping problems like ingrown hair miles away. The laser penetrates the surface of the skin where the light energy emitted by the laser is converted into heat that damages the hair follicles and ceases or prolongs hair growth.

With each subsequent session of the laser hair removal procedure, the hair becomes thinner and finer, and the ingrown hair is reduced and completely gone by the end of the therapy.

You can speak to a certified laser technician about the number of sessions required for hair removal. You can also live a hair-free life with regular annual touch-ups.

4. Know The Tricks of The Trade

It is quite possible that you have been shaving in the wrong direction all this while, which has given rise to ingrown hair. The correct way to use the razor is to move in the direction of hair growth.

You might have heard otherwise, but shaving up cuts the hair at a pointed angle which makes it prone to growing inwards. Also, make sure to use a shaving cream every time you hold the razor in your hand.

Create a thick layer of lather and use a sharp blade to glide it smoothly over the cream. Do not push down the head of the razor as it creates an uneven shaving surface, and wash the blade after every stroke. You will also have minimal nicks if you follow this procedure.

5. Dealing With A Few Ingrown Hair

If your skin is not prone to such problems and you witness only a few spots on your legs, then you must know how to handle them. Most people try to squeeze the bump, which can further worsen the problem by pushing the hair deeper into your skin or leading to a bacterial infection.

A few ingrown hairs should not be disturbed, and they will disappear on their own. However, if you are not happy with their appearance and want to flaunt a flawless skin, use sterile tweezers to get it out if it is too close to the skin.


If you are looking for a permanent solution for ingrown hairs and have not found luck with the homemade scrubs or cosmetic products, then you must opt for laser hair removal in Melbourne. The procedure is a fail-safe way of getting rid of the ugly bumps.

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