Imagine not having to apply or remove layers of makeup from your face every day! It would come as a big respite to a lot of men/women who depend on a range of cosmetics to look pretty. Needless to say, people have found the easy way out and are now attracted to permanent makeup or eyebrow tattoos to look good.

These cosmetic tattoos are becoming all the rage in urban areas such as Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, etc. However, with time, most people outgrow their fondness for permanent makeup. In some cases, the eyebrow style goes out of fashion and needs an update.

All these people turn to laser tattoo removal in Melbourne to get their face back in the original state. The laser tattoo removal procedure is absolutely safe contrary to the popular belief that using laser too close to the eyes can have damaging consequences.

A trained professional takes all the safety precautions and has the best equipment to remove cosmetic tattoos tactfully. Let us help you understand the concerns related to cosmetic tattoos and their removal. Here are the answers to frequently asked questions that can make you less anxious about the procedure.

Why Does Permanent Makeup Change Colour?

Cosmetic tattoos are different from traditional tattoos in terms of technique and the type of ink injected into the dermal layer. The ink used to create permanent makeup comprises organic and inorganic colourants that change colour due to a variety of reasons such as your skin tone, your environment, the technique used during tattooing, etc.

Whatever is the reason for the change in pigment colour, it can be removed with the help of the laser tattoo removal process. If you are aware of the type of ink used in your tattoo and can enlighten your clinician about the same, he/she can give you an idea about the duration of the treatment and the number of sessions required.

You can go back to the tattoo parlour and inquire about the composition of the tattoo ink or the name of the product to get the accurate details.

What Is The Duration Of The Treatment?

Typically, it takes anywhere close to five sessions to completely remove the tattoo or maybe less. The number of sessions depends on the type of ink, your skin tone, and the technique utilised by the tattoo artist. Make sure to consult your professional clinician for the precautions to be taken before tattoo removal session.

How Soon Can I Get A Cosmetic Tattoo Removed After I Get Inked?

After you have got a permanent tattoo on your face, you should not be in haste to get it removed. Your skin needs a minimum breather of at least 8-12 weeks before going for the laser removal treatment. This period is vital to allow the ink to settle down in the dermis so that the colours are clearly visible on your skin.

If you go for the treatment before this, it can become ineffective. Sometimes, people want to get just a part of their cosmetic tattoo removed. It can be achieved by a professional technician after understanding your needs.

Is It Safe? How My Eyes Will Be Protected?

A professional clinician uses all the required safety measures while conducting laser treatment. Usually, the eyes are protected with the help of protective stainless steel eye shields when the laser is used on the face. Safety of your eyes should be the priority of your technician, so check the details related to protection during the treatment.

How Long Will It Take To Remove The Tattoo Completely?

Cosmetic tattoos take lesser time for removal than traditional tattoos. Often, it is just a matter of two to five sessions as the ink used in permanent makeup doesn’t have the same staying power. A dermatologist will be able to give you the exact timeline of getting the tattoo removed completely.

It is usually dependent on the type of the pigment and the way it has settled in your skin. The first treatment may leave the tattoo looking brown, but this is a temporary phase before it fades away. The tattoo will continue to keep fading even after the final treatment.

What Needs To Be Done After The Treatment?

After the treatment, you need to be extra cautious about not touching the treated area and should avoid external contact for at least three days. Additionally, you must not apply water or any cream on the part of your face which was treated with laser.

Let the skin recover and help it heal by not interfering with the process. The eyebrow hair might turn white after the treatment which is temporary and the hair will come back to its original state. If you got the cosmetic tattoo done to cover up hair loss in your brows, then that area will remain hairless after the treatment.


Cosmetic tattoo removal in Melbourne is an affordable and convenient way of getting rid of permanent makeup or eyebrows. You must consult a trained professional and discuss your needs to get started with the procedure.

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