Skincare becomes the utmost priority as you reach your 30s and begin noticing fine lines along the lips and under the eyes. It is significant to take care of such problems early to enjoy a healthy and glowing skin even in your 50s.

Over the years, retinol has emerged as a potent age-defying ingredient, which is being utilised by more and more people to look younger. The powerful ingredient enhances the texture of the skin while removing fine lines and enlarged pores.

It even helps in the reduction of acne and pigmentation. Plus, it is recommended by all the top-rated dermatologists and skin clinics in Melbourne. However, many people are concerned about its usage in summers. To make things clear, we bring you the details of using retinol safely during the sweltering heat. Let us take a look.

What Is Retinol?

Retinol is made from Vitamin A and is added to creams and serums. It enhances the production of collagen in the body, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles and clears up acne. You can start using it in the late 20s as a preventive measure to delay the ageing process.

It makes the skin sensitive to ultraviolet rays, and thus you must protect yourself from sun exposure when you are using retinol-based creams. It simply means that you must use a broad-spectrum sunscreen or an SPF moisturiser to stay away from the negative impact of the UV rays.

How To Start Using It?

As a beginner, you must not go overboard with the application of retinol-based creams or serums in your attempt to look younger. You must start with a cream that has a low percentage of retinol if you have sensitive skin and then move on to high concentration cream.

It must be applied at night and should not be mixed with other skincare products or cosmetics. Retinol should be introduced in small quantity (pea size) and occasionally applied during the initial phase, such as three times a week.

Subsequently, as the skin becomes familiar to its use and adjusts to the routine, you can start increasing its usage. You must restrict yourself from overusing retinol as it can cause inflammation, dryness, flakiness and peeling. In such a situation, you must visit your dermatologist or a specialised skin clinic in the city.

Is It Safe To Use Retinol In Summers?

Many people stop using retinol in summers because of the fear of sunburns and pigmentation. However, contrary to popular belief, retinol can be used in summers without any severe consequences.

Retinol should not be discontinued as its regular use starts remodelling of the skin texture at the cellular level. So you must keep using it even during the summer months. Whatever is the temperature outside you can use retinol safely by applying it at night and using required sunscreen during the day.

Best Way To Use It In Summers?

Retinol breaks down in sunlight, and thus, the bottle or container of the serum or cream must be kept away from direct sunlight. You must always apply the cream at night before sleeping, and when you step out in the sun, you must be wearing a sunscreen of SPF30 and above.

You must keep reapplying the sunscreen after every 2-3 hours as it tends to wear off due to sweating and other external factors. This skin care regimen allows you to protect your skin from the ageing impact of the sun during the day and rejuvenates it during night time.

Follow the steps mentioned below to stick to a routine and avoid side-effects.

  • You must start with a cream that has a low percentage of retinol content and use it every third night in a week. Gradually, increase the usage to every second night and then alternate days.
  • You should use the cream on your neck and arms as well to make sure that repair and restoration don’t only happen on the face.
  • Retinol is effective in skin exfoliation and cell turnover, so do not mix it with other products that contain chemical exfoliates such as AHAs and BHAs. It can lead to inflammation and increase the sensitivity of the skin towards sunlight.
  • Use a water-resistant and SPF30 and above sunscreen diligently every day in generous quantity and reapply whenever you sweat or step outside.
  • Whenever you are going for a swim, skip the retinol at night and wear your sunscreen.
  • Keep yourself protected from UV exposure even after applying sunscreen by walking in the shade, wearing big hats and sunglasses.
  • If possible, avoid sun exposure between 10 am to 4 pm as the sun is the brightest and harshest during these hours of the day.


If you have reached your 30s and want to shield your skin from the impact of ageing, then you can start using retinol. It is an active ingredient that works wonders in decreasing lines, open pores and discolouration. To know more about it, contact a renowned skin clinic in Melbourne and read about its usage before buying a new product.

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