Summers are in full swing, and there is no respite from the scorching heat. With the temperatures soaring, most people are hitting the beach and the pool to cool off. However, in our quest to feel hydrated, we forget to take care of our skin which should be a priority.

While most of us take our sunscreen regimen seriously, others need to rethink before going out in the sun. You are not only susceptible to tanning in the sun but a lot of other skin problems like brown spots, wrinkles, pigmentation, open pores and premature ageing.

If you visit a skin clinic in Melbourne, you will be informed about the rising number of skin cancer patients in the country. Thus protecting your skin during summers is a must. People who have undergone laser tattoo removal are also advised to stay away from direct sunlight to protect their treated skin from the harsh UV radiations and heal faster.

So here are seven ways of protecting your skin in the sweltering weather.

 1. Keep Reapplying The Sunscreen

You must always apply a liberal amount of sunscreen on the exposed areas of your body whenever you step out of the house. The sunscreen must have a broad spectrum, preferably a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30 and above. Higher SPF number means better protection, and it must be applied even on cloudy days to avoid sun damage.

Also, you must slather a generous coat after every few hours when you are sweating and after every swim while you are on the beach. Find a brand that is lightweight and gets absorbed quickly without leaving a shine on the skin. Also, many of them are available for different skin types, so choose wisely.

2. Stay Indoors During The Heat Wave

You obviously cannot stop going outside during summers. However, if possible, try to avoid the timeslot between 10 am and 4 pm as the sunrays are the most intense during this period. The chances of getting sun damage increase immensely in these hours.

If you are going out, then cover yourself in scarves, wide hats, and sunglasses and use an umbrella. You must also wear covered-up and breezy cotton clothes to protect your body when you are not in the shade.  If you have got a tattoo removed recently through laser treatment, then you must avoid this timeframe entirely and care for your skin after the procedure.

 3. Take Proper Care During Sunburn

Sometimes, you are not able to evade the sun, especially on the beach and get sunburnt. The inflamed skin leads to a burning sensation which can make you extremely uncomfortable and cause a lot of pain. The most significant thing to do after a beach vacation is to treat the sunburn as quickly as possible.

During the first 24 hours, you must apply aloe vera gel or something similar, which aids in cooling off the skin and soothing it. After the first day, you must keep the skin hydrated by applying moisturisers, which will also help in bringing down the redness and easing the discomfort.

4. Beach Protection

You are on the beach to soak up the sun and sand, but do not overdo it. If you have sensitive and fair skin, then trying to get a tan can be problematic. You do not want to end up with pigmented or freckled skin. So make use of beach umbrellas and hats. Cover up your legs with sarongs and arms with kaftans after you take a dip.

Do not forget your sunscreen and keep reapplying it. Wear summer maxi dresses with hats and sunglasses while taking a stroll on the shore or making sandcastles with the kids. The sunglasses must come with UVA and UVB protection as the area under the eyes is quite sensitive and gets damaged by the sun. You must also avoid tanning beds as they produce strong UV rays.

 5.  Avoid Specific Medicines

Most people are not aware of the fact that some over-the-counter medicines and antibiotics can increase the skin’s sensitivity to the sun. These include antihistamines, antibiotics like Bactrim and Tetracycline, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, antidepressants, and some diabetes medicines. You must consult your doctor about the medicines which do not lead to sun sensitivity and switch to them immediately.

6. Get Some Vitamin B

Since skin cancer is a prevalent problem in Australia, you can consider including Vitamin B in your daily diet as it reduces the chances of skin cancer and freckles. In fact, Vitamin B3 is commonly used in skin creams as it helps in reducing pigmentation. You can consult a reputed skin clinic in Melbourne to find the best products and treatments for sun damage.

7. Stick To A Healthy Routine

To enjoy a healthy and glowing skin in summers, you must take care of your diet and well-being. Stay away from smoking as it destroys collagen and elastin present in the skin and leads to wrinkles and ageing. Use mild soaps and scrubs to remove the dead skin cells and apply a skin toner before moisturising. Your diet must comprise all the essential nutrients and lots of water.


Summers can be hard for your skin as sun exposure can cause a number of problems. Take optimum care of your body and keep the points mentioned above in mind while beating the heat. Consult a skin specialist if you witness any kind of sun damage.

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