Tattoos are a style statement for some, and it is a way to express themselves for others. Sometimes they take the shape of an ethnic art form, and at others, they represent a symbol of affection for a loved one.

Although most people cherish them, they can also become a sign of regret for many. Those who plan to get the ink removed are often puzzled about the treatment. One of the prominent questions that surface during the consultations is whether a coloured tattoo can be removed by laser tattoo removal in Melbourne or not.

The answer is a definitive yes, but the procedure differs a bit for multi coloured tattoos. The colour of the ink plays a significant role in the treatment. Here is how it is different and what you should know about the procedure.

The Impact of the Colour of The Ink

Laser tattoo removal involves fragmenting the ink pigment into tiny particles with a highly concentrated light beam. The laser targets the ink specifically without harming the surrounding skin tissue and is able to penetrate to the dermis.

The shattered ink particles are expelled from the body through the natural filtration process. The treatment takes several sessions to complete, and the duration is dependent on the size, location, age, and colour of the tattoo.

The ink colour is a vital part of the removal process because different colours absorb different wavelengths, which is essential for the disintegration. Black ink is the only colour which absorbs all the wavelengths, and thus, is the easiest to remove.

Coloured tattoos need more treatments because different wavelengths are needed to work on different colours. Every colour has a limited absorption capacity and needs specific wavelengths for breaking down.

A professional laser practitioner is aware of these specific concerns related to the removal of coloured tattoos and uses them effectively to get rid of the ink.

The Use of Technology

The hardest colour to remove is white because its absorption capacity is much lower and sometimes it can become darker after the treatment. Similarly, the neon colours and lighter shades like light green, yellow, and light blue also take a long time to get disintegrated as their absorption spectrum is restricted.

It is easier to remove the darker tones like red, dark green and dark blue as they absorb more wavelengths just like the colour black. The advanced laser technology has made it possible to use multiple wavelengths in the same laser, which work on different colours simultaneously.

The QX MAX laser system offers the flexibility to choose four different wavelengths for the treatment that improves the efficacy of the procedure. The 1064nm is absorbed effectively by the dark colours, such as black, dark blue, and brown as well as yellow.

The 532 nm wavelength works on the red, purple, and orange hues while the585 nm is absorbed by sky blue. Thus, the difference in the procedure is the use of multiple wavelengths, which is not the case for single ink tattoos. For a single colour, the practitioner will have to use only one wavelength, which makes the process easier and faster.

Certified and Experienced Practitioners

As stated above, the use of the right laser is crucial in the success of the treatment. Thus, you must visit a renowned clinic, which has a team of certified and experienced laser practitioners. They will examine your tattoo and provide you with an appropriate laser treatment.

Most established clinics utilise the Q-Switched laser tattoo removal technology,which is highly effective and generates single nanosecond pulsesthat are a step ahead of the multiple-pulse technologies.

The use of advanced laser is highly beneficial in removing the ink in lesser sessions than expected. Also, it is safer as the Q-switched Nd:YAG laser treatment is equally effective on darker skin tones and does not cause any side-effects.

The professionals take all the precautions and make sure that you get the desired results. On average, the treatment takes six to eight sessions which are spaced four to six weeks apart to allow the skin to heal between twoappointments. The exact time of the procedure can be determined by the practitioner after the first consultation.

Pre and Post Treatment Care

The rest of the instructions and care routines remain the same. The only difference is the use of different wavelengths that are used to fade away the colours. To make sure that the treatment goes on smoothly, you must follow all the guidelines provided by the licensed practitioner to allow the skin to heal faster and expel the ink particles quickly.

You must avoid sun exposure, exercise regularly except for 1-2 days after the session, and eat healthily to ensure the best results from the procedure. Also, make sure to keep the treated area clean and dry and wear loose fitting clothes for a few days to avoid rubbing from tight clothes. You must consult your practitioner if you witness any blisters and do not pick on the scabs to avoid scarring.


Laser tattoo removal in Melbourne is the most successful way of safely removing coloured tattoos. Make sure that you consult a qualified practitioner and understand the details of the procedure to stay informed and confident.

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