Tattoos have been around since ancient times. Sometimes they are used to depict cultural ethos and at others to profess one’s feelings, opinions and ideologies. In today’s modern time, people often outgrow their love for this art form as they get tired of looking at the same thing again and again, or cannot associate themselves to those beliefs anymore.

Also, many people eagerly look for facilities offering laser tattoo removal in Melbourne after a breakup or a divorce as they want to get their partner’s name removed from their bodies. Although many people are opting for this therapy, there are many who are still taking a back seat due to the myths floating around.

If any such misconceptions are holding you back from getting that regrettable ink removed from your body, then you are making a mistake. Laser tattoo removal is a completely safe and effective treatment which offers desirable results. Let us debunk some of the common myths for you.

Myth#1: Laser Tattoo Removal Damages The Skin

Laser tattoo removal is a proven cosmetic treatment which is harmless and successful if administered by an experienced and qualified laser technician. It does not damage or scar the skin as the laser penetrates into the upper layer of the skin and works on the ink pigment exclusively.

The procedure is considered safer than other methods like dermabrasion and salabrasion as it acts upon the ink pigment without affecting the skin. Besides some temporary redness and inflammation, there are no side effects of laser tattoo removal.

Myth#2: The Pain Is Unbearable

Many people believe that laser tattoo removal is a painful procedure. However, it is not the case. The degree of pain is the same, which was felt while getting the tattoo in the first place. If you are unable to bear any kind of sensation, your technician can help you by applying a numbing agent that eliminates all chances of feeling uncomfortable.

For really large tattoos, the technician can help you with topical anaesthetic creams. The use of these creams is regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia. Also, most of the laser systems are equipped with an air-cooling device, which does not let the skin feel the heat of the light beam.

 Myth#3: New Tattoos Can Be Removed Faster

This is a common misconception that you can get a tattoo removed quickly if it was made only a few days ago. However, this is far from the truth. The skin needs to be healed completely before starting the laser therapy.

So you need to wait for at least a couple of months to get the ink eliminated. In fact, old tattoos can be removed in lesser sessions as the ink has already started to fade and is not too dark.

Myth#4: Using Tattoo Removal Creams Can Expedite The Process

It is absolutely wrong! You should not use any cosmetic or tattoo removal products on your skin while you are undergoing laser treatment. It can damage your skin.

Consult your technician about the before and aftercare instructions and tips for quick recovery. A tattoo removal cream can interfere with the procedure and even cause harm to the sensitive skin. So stick to the advice of your therapist.

Myth#5: Black Colour Tattoos Are Difficult To Remove

Since black ink is darker, people think it would be difficult to remove. However, the laser works the best on black ink, and it is the easiest to be faded.

If you have an all-black tattoo, you will have to undergo lesser sessions as black absorbs all wavelengths of the laser beam. On the contrary, colourful tattoos can take a long time as different inks respond to different wavelengths.

 Myth#6: It Is Completed In One Session

Laser treatment for tattoo removal is spread across sessions which are spaced four weeks apart. The number of sessions depends on the size of the tattoo, its location, the colours used in the design, its depth and duration.

The length of the procedure can be assessed by the technician after the examination of the tattoo during the first consultation. You must visit a recognised laser clinic to make sure that all the safety procedures are followed, and you are informed about the aftercare instructions.

 Myth#7: All Tattoos Take The Same Amount of Time For Removal

It is not possible to remove all kinds of tattoos in the same amount of time. A little butterfly on your wrist will get faded quickly than a huge art covering your entire back.

Also, a tattoo on your shoulder will get eliminated faster than the one on your ankle as tattoos close to the heart get faded faster. The number of sessions is entirely dependent on the colours of the ink, size of the tattoo and the surface area covered by it.


Now that you know the truth about the treatment, you can think about undergoing laser tattoo removal in Melbourne without any doubts in your mind. Make sure that you visit a reputed professional and follow the instructions thoroughly.


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