Tattoo fanatics can be recognised from a distance with their ink-coated bodies. While some like to cover their arms and legs with ink, others take the bold step of going a step further with face and neck tattoos. Those who can hide their tattoos under clothing can mingle in social circles without being judged for their choices.

However, people with their faces and necks covered in starkly body art find it difficult to become a part of the civil society. For instance, you would not expect the CEO of a company to walk into the board meeting with a heavily tattooed face.

Similarly, you would be taken aback if your kid’s school teacher shows up with a completely inked neck. It can lead to various awkward situations and sometimes denial of job opportunities or submission into specific social groups. This is the reason why people regret facial and neck tattoos more than having ink on any other part of their body.

So they opt for laser tattoo removal in Melbourne to get rid of this problem. However, the million-dollar question is whether it works on such sensitive areas or not? The answer is yes! It can be quite useful in saving you from the stereotypes associated with tattooed faces and necks. Let us talk about it in detail.

Safe Removal Is A Possibility

If you are concerned about the effectiveness of laser therapy in the removal of tattoo from the face and neck region, then you can rest assured about complete elimination. Although the area is delicate, it has a higher density of blood and lymph nodes which makes room for large vascular supply.

So the removal of the ink pigment is better in this region. The number of sessions, however, will vary for each individual. Similar to any other tattoo removal treatment, the duration of the therapy is dependent on the size of the tattoo, colour of ink and shading. A monotone tattoo can also take time depending on the depth of its penetration and coverage area.

Sensitivity And Soreness

Your face and neck area is quite vulnerable as compared to other body parts like biceps and calves. Most other parts have higher levels of fat deposits that act as a cushion and do not get easily hurt.

On the other hand, the skin on your face and the neck is closer to the bones, which makes it susceptible to slightly higher soreness and discomfort during the procedure. However, the pain is not more than what you feel while getting the tattoo.

If you are not ready to bear even the slightest of sensations, then you can ask your technician to apply a numbing topical anaesthetic.

Safeguarding Your Eyes

Another challenge of removing facial tattoos is their proximity to the eyes. Thus it is extremely essential that you wear protective non-reflective glasses during the laser treatment. Sometimes, the tattoo is present on the eyelid.

In such cases, you must go to a highly professional, qualified and experienced laser technician who can safely remove the ink without hurting your vision. The patient is required to wear an ocular eye shield under the eyelids to maintain the wellbeing of the eyes.

Make sure you choose a reputed laser clinic where such facilities are available, and safety is the prime concern of the technicians.

Avoiding Damage To Hair Follicles

Men are proud of their facial hair and love their beards and moustaches. So when they have to get a tattoo removed through laser therapy, they are concerned about the removal of their stubble too. However, this doubt can be put to rest when you discuss it with your technician.

They have access to high technology laser beams which only affect the ink pigment and do not harm the hair follicles which can lead to bald spots on your face or head. Even if you are not going for the high-tech laser therapy, the hair loss will be temporary and your hair will regrow in some time.

Also, the hair loss will only take place in case of dark hair. If you have light coloured hair like blonde or grey, it will not be affected by the laser.

Quick And Effective Results

As stated above, the face and neck have a large vascular supply, so the rate of elimination of ink is higher than other parts of the body. The reason behind this is that when the laser breaks the ink into small particles, they are excreted out of the body along with the sweat and urine. That is why the tattoos near the heart fade quickly.

So you will see a faster result when you undergo the laser tattoo removal treatment on your face or neck. Also, the healing process will be accelerated. The inflammation and redness will be gone earlier than you would expect.


If you have wanted to get rid of a tattoo on your face or neck for a long time, then you need not wait any more. Opt for laser tattoo removal in Melbourne and enjoy an ink-free life without any side-effects.

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