Gone are the days when the tattoo was considered a permanent adornment! Thanks to technological advancements, tattoo removal is no more a distant dream. A lot of people have undergone safe laser tattoo removal in Melbourne, which has given them freedom from their regrettable body art.

For those who are looking for a reliable laser tattoo removal clinic in Melbourne, the tough part is finding the best facility among the lot. The task becomes even more confusing when all of the existing establishments boast of similar services at comparable prices.

Thus when you are choosing a laser tattoo removal clinic, you must ask the following five questions to pick the right one.

Q1. Does The Technician Have The Required Certifications?

The certifications and training of the technician must be your most significant concern as the laser operators must be qualified and trained to perform the procedure.

You should inquire whether they have formal training in laser or undertook the course offered by the laser maker to obtain the liability insurance. Stay away from amateur and inexperienced practitioners as their incapability can lead to burns and permanent scarring.

A skilled technician in Melbourne will possess a laser safety certificate and must have completed a tattoo removal course. Besides these, he should be trained on the job under supervision before conducting the procedure independently.

Practical experience is quite significant, and you must inquire about it before giving the final nod. It will help in ensuring a high success rate of safe laser tattoo removal.

Q2. Which Laser Technology Will be Used For Tattoo Removal?

The laser clinic must have medical grade nanosecond Q-switched laser equipment which can be set to specific wavelengths based on the skin tone of the patient and the ink colour. The Q-switched laser is the best technology that successfully removes the entire ink or fades it as per your needs if you wish to upgrade the tattoo.

You should be wary of the cheaper variants of the Q-switched laser available in the market which can lead to poor results or injuries. With the advanced laser, the amount of heat transferred to the skin is minimal that eliminates the risk of burns and skin damage. So check for certified machines and enquire about the type of laser.

Q3. Will I Get A Consultation Before The Procedure?

Consultation prior to the treatment is an important requirement as it allows the practitioner to assess your tattoo, its colour, size and your skin tone. He/she will inform you about the number of sessions needed to completely remove the tattoo and the type of laser that will be used for your specific tattoo.

Also, they will inform you about the before and aftercare regimen. If the technician talks about bruises and scabbing, then you must avoid such a clinic as in most cases laser tattoo removal doesn’t lead to injuries. People with sensitive skin can feel some redness and itching which can be reduced with prescribed topical creams.

Q4. Does The Clinic Give You The Right Feeling?

When you visit the clinic, it will give you the opportunity to look around and meet the practitioner, check their credentials and talk to the staff and the patients in the waiting room. Take a look at the before and after pictures displayed at the clinic and the usual cleanliness measures being undertaken.

Make sure the equipment is not outdated and the staff members appear helpful and responsive. If at any moment you feel that the technician or other members are not able to answer the queries to your satisfaction or seem unprofessional, then it is a good idea to say them goodbye.

On the other hand, if you feel comfortable in the environment of the clinic and are confident about the technician’s capabilities, then you can go ahead with the procedure without any second thoughts in your mind. It will also give you some peace of mind and take away all the nervousness.

Q5. How Much Will The Treatment Cost?

You should be clear about the fact that laser tattoo removal will cost you a good amount of money as it is spread over a period of few months and requires the assistance of a knowledgeable person. If you are expecting top-quality service, then you should be willing to pay the price for it.

You will get to know about the total cost of the procedure when you consult the technician as it depends on the number of sessions. It will help you to evaluate whether it will fit into your budget or not.

If the price is too low, then you should understand that there is something suspicious about the clinic. You must research about the prices in the local area and then take a call. The quest for saving a few dollars can leave you with lifelong scars. So make your choice carefully.


It is easy to get caught in the web of marketing lies created by unethical practitioners. However, you must stay cautious and verify the credibility of the clinic before you decide to go for laser tattoo removal in Melbourne. Ask the questions mentioned above to stay safe and secure.

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