Waxing and shaving offer respite from hairy limbs, but they are also a taxing chore. Most people want to give up the razor and waxing strips for a permanent solution that can save up the time spent on these messy tasks.

Laser hair removal has proven a blessing for everyone who is fed up of the coarse stubble and ingrown hair due to shaving and the clumsy and costly waxing. Consequently, laser hair removal in Melbourne has become highly sought-after treatment among both men and women.

As the popularity of the procedure has been growing, the questions related to the treatment have also been gaining prominence. So here is a list of the seven most frequently asked questions about laser hair removal to quell your doubts.

1. Does Laser Remove Hair Permanently?

Laser hair removal helps in getting rid of body hair for a long-term by decreasing the volume of hair considerably. It is not permanent as some hair may regrow if the hair follicle is not completely destroyed by the laser.

However, it will take months for the hair to grow back again, and a laser touch-up once a year can take care of the few strands that may come up here and there.

The hair that might regrow is barely visible and thinner as the follicle is damaged. Since it is not possible to destroy every hair follicle in the treated area, some people experience hair growth in six-seven months.

2. How Laser Removes Hair From The Body?

The laser emits a light which is targeted on the pigment present in the hair. The heat produced by the light energy destroys the root of the hair and the follicle, which either reduces hair growth or restrains it completely.

The pulse of light energy is absorbed within seconds by multiple hair strands, so one session doesn’t last very long.

Since different hair strands are in different stages of hair growth, such as shedding, resting and growing, it is not possible for the laser to work on all of them. Thus the treatment requires several sessions which can be completed in two to three months.

3. Can Laser Hair Removal Work On All Skin Types?

Laser hair removal is effective in removing hair from any skin tone. The advancements in laser technology have made it possible to remove hair from dark skin with the help of Nd:YAG laser without harming the epidermis or causing any burns.

It does not lead to any side-effects like hyperpigmentation or dark spots. Thus you must make sure that the laser clinic chosen for the treatment has access to the latest laser technology and you must consult an experienced technician if you have blonde or grey hair that needs to be removed.

4. What Is The Duration of The Treatment?

The duration of a single session depends on the area to be covered. Usually, the session lasts somewhere between ten to thirty minutes. For instance, if the laser has to work on underarms, then it will take only ten minutes to complete one session.

If the hair from the arms needs to be removed, then it can take up to thirty minutes. Most people require five to six treatments to get rid of the hair. The sessions are spaced four to six weeks apart to cover all the hair in different stages of growth and allow the skin to heal.

5. Are There Any Side Effects Of Laser Hair Removal?

If performed by inefficient and inexperienced laser technicians, the procedure can lead to blisters, burns and even scarring. However, if performed by an expert and qualified technician with certification and the right equipment, it does not cause any harm to the skin.

A slight inflammation and redness of the treated area is common and subsides in a day or two. The technician can prescribe an ointment to soothe the discomfort.

6. Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

The pain felt during the laser treatment is minimal and is similar to the pinch felt when a rubber band snaps on the skin. However, some people with a low tolerance level may not be able to bear it and can be comforted by the application of topical anaesthesia.

7. What Precautions Are Needed For Laser Hair Removal?

To prepare for the laser treatment, the patients must stop waxing or plucking the area at least three weeks before the first session. It is important for the laser to destroy the root and these methods remove the roots.

Do not get suntanned or get into one of those tanning beds at a spa as it is difficult for the laser to work on tanned skin. You must clean the area thoroughly before the sessions so that there is no dirt or oil on the skin, which can interfere with the effect of the laser.

After the session, you must apply sunscreen while going outside and avoid high-pressure showers on the treated skin. Keep it covered in the sun and keep it away from hot water.


Opting for laser hair removal in Melbourne is the perfect way of getting rid of unwanted hair. Thus if you are planning to undergo the treatment, then make sure that you have all the required knowledge about it.

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