Tattoos can evoke a variety of emotions – appreciation, love, joy, respect, hate, anger etc. The person carrying the art form usually goes through a cycle of all these feelings. A significant number of people begin to hate the ink on their bodies a few years down the line.

It is quite natural because our ideologies and circumstances keep changing with time. We are no more the same person we were 20 years ago. It means that we no longer want to be reminded of the past. Thus most people opt for laser tattoo removal in Melbourne to get rid of the regretted art.

Those who are not yet ready to take the next step often approach the patients to get their doubts cleared. It is reasonably useful as they get the information from an authentic source, which helps in demystifying the misconceptions related to the treatment.

If you too are looking for such answers, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions from tattoo removal patients. Let us have a look.

Q1. How Does The Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment Take Place?

Laser tattoo removal is an effective procedure which utilises a specialised beam of light that works precisely on the ink pigment. The energy absorbed by the pigment breaks it down into tiny particles, which are eliminated from the body through natural filtration processes.

The tattoo fades away gradually over a period of time, as it is not an instant removal remedy. However, it gets completely removed from the body with desirable results.

Black ink is the easiest to remove, and lighter hues are a bit difficult to fade. With an expert by your side, the results can be more than satisfactory, and it is quite evident as the removal industry is flourishing in Australia.

Q2. How Soon Will The Tattoo Be Removed?

The laser tattoo removal procedure is spread across several months as each session is scheduled after a period of 4 to 6 weeks. It is significant to keep a gap between the subsequent sessions as it allows the skin to heal and remove the broken ink particles from the body.

The exact duration of the treatment is dependent on a plethora of factors, including a healthy immune system, which expedites the ability of your body to remove the ink. The number of sessions required varies from individual to individual as a large tattoo will need more time than a tiny one.

Similarly, a multihued tattoo will need more sessions than an all-black art form. Your laser technician is the best person to provide you with an approximate timeline.

Q3. Is The Tattoo Removal Process Painful?

Most people are concerned about the amount of pain experienced during the procedure. A host of patients have suggested that the treatment is uncomfortable but easily bearable. The level of pain is similar to the one experienced during the tattooing process.

If you are not happy about the idea of feeling pain, you can always ask your laser technician to apply a topical anaesthetic to minimise the discomfort. They will also provide you with tips of faster recovery so that you can get ready for the next session in time.

 Q4.  Does It Have Any Side-Effects?

The advanced laser treatments are highly sophisticated and exclusively work on the ink pigment without harming the skin. The tattoo may appear a little raised and frosted immediately after the session, but this is a temporary phase, which signifies the skin’s defence mechanism against the foreign entity.

Some people do experience inflammation and redness, which disappears in a day or two. In some cases, a few patients have experienced blister formations which can be treated with an antibiotic dressing. However, if you pay heed to the post-treatment care instructions, you can avoid all such issues.

 Q5. How Much Does The Procedure Cost?

The cost of the therapy is entirely dependent on the size of the tattoo, its location and its colours as these factors decide the number of sessions required to remove the ink. An established clinic with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities will charge you a bit on the higher side.

However, this should not make you opt for the cheaper ones who are not even licensed to perform the procedure. Do not take such risks and consult an experienced and qualified technician for the treatment.

 Q6. Can I Use Laser Treatment For Covering Up A Part?

Yes, in fact, it is a good idea to go for a laser cover-up as it will fade the original tattoo to make way for the new one. You can also get just a part of the tattoo removed after discussing your requirement with your technician. The cover-up doesn’t take as much time as needed for the removal and can be tailored according to your needs.


It is better to be informed than believing in myths and misconceptions. These frequently asked questions about laser tattoo removal in Melbourne can help you in making the right decision.


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