Winters are eagerly awaited every year as you get to cover up in layers and relish a hot cup of coffee in your blankets while enjoying the chill in the air. As you are bundled up in the woollies, you can refrain from waxing and shaving, which makes it an ideal time to think about laser hair removal in Melbourne.

The nippy weather is just the right time to take the plunge as you can stay away from the sun and be ready with a hair-free body by the time summer arrives.

So if you have decided to undergo laser treatment, then you must take advantage of the cold months to make the process smooth and hassle-free. Here is a rundown on why winter is the best season for laser hair removal.

Prepare For The Procedure Without Any Fuss

Laser hair removal procedure needs some groundwork before you go for the first session. It involves putting a stop on waxing, hair removal creams, and sun tanning at least two weeks before the treatment begins.

In summers, this could pose a problem as you will have to roam around with hair on your arms, under arms and legs and avoid going to the beach by all means.

However, in winters, you can easily hide the unattractive fuzz under the jumpers, coats, boots, jackets and other trendy woollens.

You Can Avoid Sun Exposure Easily

The laser hair removal procedure targets the pigment present in the hair follicle and destroys it to cease the regrowth of hair. The laser is able to aim at the pigment in the most effective manner when the client’s skin is pale and devoid of any tanning.

If the skin is tanned, it can affect the treatment and delay the procedure until the tanning wears off. Tanning can lead to severe consequences such as burning, scars and hyper pigmentation. However, you can easily give the beach a miss when it is freezing outside.

As a result, winter is the perfect time to stay indoors and restrict sun exposure to a minimum. Also, you have to avoid the sun after the sessions to evade UV damage to your skin, which is sensitive after the treatment. Thus choosing winter for laser hair removal is your best bet.

Post Treatment Care Becomes Smooth

After the sessions, the hair takes about a week to fall from the follicles. Thus it cannot be a very pleasing sight for the eyes. Also, you might feel a mild irritation which might be hard to resist when you are in shorts and spaghetti tops. The winter months become your saviour in this situation.

As you can cover up your body after the sessions to stay away from unwelcome comments and curb all your urges of scratching your skin under various layers of clothes. Also, the laser hair removal procedure is spread over a period of a few months.

Thus you can start the treatment at the beginning of the cold season and get ready to embrace the heat with ultimate body confidence. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about not waxing or shaving during this time as you will be wearing clothes from top to bottom.

Excessive Sweating And Pool Splashes Can Wait

The aftercare guidelines for laser hair removal suggest preventing sweating profusely until the redness goes away. However, it is inevitable in the scorching heat of summers. The sweltering temperatures ensure that you get sweat patches under your arms as soon as you step outside.

Also, it is hard to say no to the beach parties and pool splashes for months. It can put an end to your social life altogether. So why should you shun yourself from all the fun? Just adjust the timing of your treatment!

Go for laser hair removal treatment during winters, and you can easily dodge extreme sweating. Plus, no one will be taking you close to the waters in the wintry weather.

You Will Be Able To Save Some Extra Cash

We all know that summers are the time to travel to new places, soak up the sun on the beaches, go to rooftop restaurants, revel in the open air music concerts and spend a lot of money on chilled beer.

However, the icy weather makes you lazy with most evenings spent indoors in your warm and cosy room. The adventurous activities are limited to binge-watching horror flicks on TV or spending time on your game consoles.

Naturally, when you are not out and about in the city, you tend to spend less and stash more cash. Thus you have enough savings to get the treatment done without feeling sad about missing out on things due to a cash crunch.


So if you are planning your laser hair removal in Melbourne during the summer months, think again! It may not be the right time to get rid of unwanted hair. Make the most of the nippy weather by scheduling your sessions in winters to avoid the sun and comfortably hide under the woollens.

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