Some people are obsessed with tattoos and keep getting new ones all over their bodies. From arms dipped in ink to a complete adornment of their backs, they keep finding modern art to embellish themselves.

However, there are others who are no longer in awe of the ink on their skins and want to get rid of it. This is the reason why laser tattoo removal in Melbourne has become a highly popular treatment with several people opting for this safe and secure procedure.

There are many who prefer to cover up their old tattoos with a new one, and laser tattoo removal plays an important part here as well. If the ink of the original tattoo is too dark, you need to fade it first to coat it with another layer of ink.

The laser tattoo removal sessions can help in either removing the old tattoo entirely or partially or get them faded depending on your requirement. So here is a list of reasons that will help you understand why laser tattoo removal is vital before a cover-up.

 Deciding Between A Removal And A Cover-Up

The most pertinent question is whether you want to stay tattoo free or get the current one faded to flaunt a new one. The answer to this question will be easier after understanding the reaction of ink pigment to the laser.

It is common knowledge that black ink can be easily removed by laser treatment as well as red ink as they are dark colours and have high contrast against the skin.

On the other hand, the lighter tones like white and yellow can be challenging to remove and might get only faded through laser treatment. So if you have a multihued tattoo with a lot of ink, then you must consider fading for a cover-up.

 Why Is Tattoo Cover-Up A Good Idea?

The best part about a cover-up is that you don’t have to remove your tattoo completely and can get a new one without too much hassle. Since cover-ups need only tattoo fading, the number of sessions is reduced, and you can even ask for custom modifications, such as fading of a certain part of the tattoo.

It is the best combination that salvages some art on your body, which was accomplished after sessions filled with pain and a lot of anticipation. The laser lightens the ink, which makes way for a new image that is in line with your current ideology and temperament.

So you will also end up saving money as you are not going all the way and removing the ink completely, which requires more sessions. The cover-up will take less time as the tattoo artist can work around the remnants of the ink to create a new masterpiece.

You will be roaming around with a new tattoo without waiting for too long as compared to when you go for complete removal of the original one.

What Do You Need To Know About Cover-Ups?

The size of the new tattoo will be bigger than the previous one as it becomes necessary to cover up the old design. Dark colours will help in hiding the art beneath and giving it a new twist.

If you have a very old tattoo, then you are an ideal candidate for a cover-up as old tattoos start fading naturally and get camouflaged easily. It is common knowledge that tattoos that cover a large part of your body will take longer to get covered up, and small ones will be the easiest to handle and revamped.

However, make sure that you are getting inked by a professional and have thought about the new design at length before taking the plunge. The laser works beautifully in hiding the old tattoo so that the new one can be created without giving a messy look.

The laser is not only recommended for cover-ups but also when you wish to modify your tattoos. For instance, laser tattoo removal technology allows hiding a name in a big tribal art piece without too much effort.

 How To Maintain Cover-Ups?

Follow the before and after-care instructions of your laser technician as well as the tattoo artist after each procedure to avoid any infections or breakouts. After you have been allowed to bathe by the tattooist, you must not use a towel to rub the area as it can lead to itching.

Use a tissue to wipe it or let it dry in the air. Use the creams prescribed by the laser technician to avoid allergies. Do not use excessive water on the freshly tattooed skin and use only warm water.

Staying away from the sun is the most significant part of the healing process, so hide the area under a layer of clothes or apply a therapist-recommended sunscreen when going out.


Thus if you are regretting the ink on your skin, but do not want to get rid of it completely, you can opt for laser tattoo removal in Melbourne. The therapy will effectively fade the existing tattoo so that new elements of colour and design can be added to it.

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