Men and women all over the world are becoming receptive to the idea of laser therapy to get rid of body hair. The ease and comfort of not having to shave, wax or pluck hair after every few days are beyond compare.

It saves all the pain, mess, and consistent expenditure on hair removal techniques. Consequently, there has been a rise in the popularity of expert laser hair removal Melbourne as it allows people to live hair-free for longer periods.

Since the laser system has become technologically advanced, many people are not aware of its superior results and the ability to remove hair from most parts of the body. They still think laser treatment is not suitable for the face or neck. On the contrary, it can work well on almost all body parts. So, here is a list of the body parts that can be treated with laser hair removal.

1. Face and Neck

Women with facial hair often get pointed out for it and need to constantly get it waxed and plucked to stay hair-free. With laser hair removal, they can get the hair from the upper lip, chin, sideburns, and cheeks removed with ease.

Besides women, many men have jumped the bandwagon and are using laser hair removal to get their stubble in shape and have a clean look. It also helps in getting rid of ingrown hair and bumps caused by shaving. The procedure is safe and does not take more than five to six sessions, depending on the volume of the hair.

2. Bikini Area

Waxing the bikini area can cause pain, and shaving can lead to ingrown hair, cuts, and bumps. Thus, opting for laser hair removal is a better way to keep new growth away for months. It only requires 1-2 touch up sessions once a year to maintain smooth skin.

3. Chest

Some men have a hairy chest with a thick mane that peeps out from their shirt collars and makes them embarrassed while going to the beach or for a swim. Laser hair removal can help them get rid of excessive hair growth and make them ready to hit the beach whenever they want.

4. Back

Laser therapy does not hurt the skin tissue or affect the organs. It selectively targets the root of the hair and destroys it to stop regrowth. Thus, it can be used effortlessly to remove hair from the entire back of both men and women.

Since it is challenging to remove hair from the back with DIY hair removal procedures, laser therapy is the best way to have a clean and groomed look.

 5. Breasts

Some women have hair on their breasts and the areola because of hormonal imbalances or a hairy body. Waxing and plucking on the sensitive area can be too painful and lead to thick growth. Thus, it is better to get the hair removed with laser treatment safely.

6. Stomach and Abdomen

It is common for both men and women to have hair on their stomachs and near the navel. Women suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome usually have excessive body hair because of hormonal imbalance. Laser treatment can help them reduce this excess growth permanently.

7. Arms

Whether it is men or women, all have their share of hair on arms. While some are blessed with scanty hair, others have a blanket of hair like a bear. Most people do not like them and wish to get rid of them.

Thus, laser hair removal comes up as the best solution to tackle the problem. The treatment becomes painless with the application of a topical anaesthetic and makes the process even more satisfying.

8. Legs

Shaving legs every day and then dealing with painful bumps and nicks is too much to handle. Waxing is also filled with painful cries and clutter. Thus, everyone needs a respite from it.

With laser hair removal, hairy legs can become smooth in hour-long sessions that are spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart. The total number of sessions depends on the volume of hair and the area to be covered. The practitioner can offer the exact timeline after the first consultation.

9. Underarms

Many women rely on laser hair removal to get rid of their underarm hair because it gives them the freedom to wear sleeveless dresses and tops whenever they want without thinking twice.

It gives them smooth and silky skin without any patches, bumps or ingrown hair that can turn people off. Also, they need a touch up only once a year, and regrowth is almost negligible and hardly visible.

10. Hands and Feet

Hair on the back of the hand, knuckles, toes, and feet can make you feel embarrassed if it is clearly visible. People who plan to get their leg and arm hair removed through laser treatment can get these parts covered in the procedure to get a hair-free look.


Laser hair removal in Melbourne has become a widely accepted technique because it is harmless and non-invasive. So, if you are concerned about the area that needs to be covered, stop thinking and speak to a practitioner. Laser treatment can be safely used on most of the body parts without any injury, side effects or damage.   

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