Hair removal is one of the most tedious tasks that must be done regularly for smooth skin. Naturally, many find it annoying to shave, wax and thread week after week. Besides being bothering, it is also expensive if you go to a salon for the removal and embarrassing if you forget to clean up before going out.

Thus, laser hair removal Melbourne has become an admired way of conveniently reducing unwanted hair for a long time. If you have been toying with the idea of opting for laser treatment, you need to be aware of the aftercare tips to keep your skin healthy and safe.

It is necessary to take care of the treated area to avoid side effects and get the best results. So, here is a list of aftercare instructions that you must know by heart.

1. Apply Cold Compress

Redness and swelling of the treated skin are normal, lasting for a few hours. To reduce the inflammation, you must keep it cool with the help of a washcloth dipped in water.

It must be placed on the skin for a few minutes and then removed. You can also use an ice pack but cover it in a paper towel before applying to the skin, and do not keep it on for too long. It helps in bringing down the swelling and discomfort.

 2. Keep It Clean and Dry

Stay away from hot water and use cool water to clean the area gently with a mild soap. Do not go swimming, as chlorinated water can irritate the treated area. Also, pat dry your body after the bath without rubbing the towel over the skin.

Make sure that you do not get into a sauna, spa, steam room, or hot water bathtub for at least two days after the treatment. Also, wear loose clothing to avoid friction against the clothes.

 3. Use Only Prescribed Medication

Do not take any painkillers without consulting your physician. Your laser practitioner will inform you about steroid cream that can be applied to the skin to reduce pain.

Other medicines that are recommended by physicians include acetaminophen and pain relief medicines that are anti-inflammatory.

 4. Avoid Sun Exposure

The harsh UV radiations from the sun are damaging for our laser-treated skin. It can lead to severe side effects like burning and permanent pigmentation. Do not use suntan lotions or go for tanning beds during and after the treatment for at least four weeks.

Keep yourself covered while going out and apply a generous amount of sunscreen of SPF 30 or above to stay protected from sunburn.

 5. Do Not Use Cosmetics

After laser hair removal, you must keep a safe distance from moisturisers, lotions, deodorants, perfumes, and creams for a week. These cosmetics are loaded with chemicals that can affect sensitive skin and lead to side effects.

You should also avoid going to the gym, running or strenuous physical activity for two days after the session as sweating can impact the freshly treated skin.

 6. Exfoliate to Accelerate Shedding

The laser sessions are spaced six to eight weeks apart. During this period, you will notice hair shedding that usually happens anywhere between 5 to 30 days.

It may appear like new hair growth, but it is the hair falling off after the follicle has been destroyed. You can speed up the shedding by exfoliating your skin with a soft washcloth and scrub wash. You must gently move the cloth over the skin in circular motions to allow the hair to make its way out.

 7. Avoid Waxing or Plucking

You may feel the urge to wax or pluck the hair that is visible after the laser treatment has started. However, you must restrain yourself at all costs as waxing or plucking is a strict no-no during laser hair removal.

These methods remove the hair from the root and will impact the treatment. Also, your skin is sensitive after laser therapy and should not be put through hot waxing and plucking that can damage it.

The best way to keep your skin healthy and smooth during the treatment is to shave. You can shave 24 hours before the next session. However, do not shave for 72 hours after the session.

 8. Do Not Pick or Scratch

If you notice blisters or scabbing of the skin, do not pick on it or puncture the blisters as it can lead to scarring. Use the medicine prescribed by your practitioner and consult them again if you think the problem persists.

 9. Maintain the Gap between Sessions

The spacing of the consecutive sessions must be maintained as per the schedule given by the practitioner. The gap is needed for the skin to heal and be ready for the next laser therapy. If you reduce the gap to expedite the treatment, it can lead to side effects.


If you have decided to undergo laser hair removal in Melbourne, you need to make sure that you follow the post-care instructions perfectly. It is vital to complete the treatment safely and successfully.

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