Tattoos can become troublesome when you start disliking them. The regrettable artwork can make you feel irritated and repentant about getting inked in the first place. Consequently, the first thought that comes to mind in such situations is to get rid of them for good.

Most people prefer laser tattoo removal in Melbourne since it offers successful results with minimum side-effects. However, they do not pay much attention to the clinic and the precautions it takes to maintain safety while undergoing the treatment.

It should be a priority when you are seeking professional help for tattoo removal. Here is how you can ensure that the clinic you have chosen for the procedure is safe and secure to go ahead.

1. Reputation of the Clinic

A clinic which does not have a website, online reviews and social media following can be challenging to research. So, it is better to stay away from such places which are unknown and seem obscure.

You must readthe Google Reviewsand ratings of the facility to gauge its popularity and satisfaction level of the customers. Make sure that you perform a detailed online search of the shortlisted clinics in your area to find the best one.

The general public opinion, the testimonials, and the reviews can help in substantiating the authenticity and legitimacy of the clinic. A well-known entity with lots of happy customers is bound to be a safe place for getting laser tattoo removal treatment.

2. Advanced Technology

The technology being utilised for the treatment is of utmost importance. You may find a clinic that has been in business for long, but it may not have changed the old equipment and laser being used.

When you set out to research the clinics in your list, enquire about the type of laser being utilised for tattoo removal. You must look for the latest medical-grade Q-Switched laser, which comes with varying wavelengths.

It is essential for the clinic to have the advanced technology because it ensures that all skin tones and types can be treated without any damage to the skin.

3. Certified Therapists

Since you will be undergoing a treatment that can go wrong if performed by an amateur, you need to be extra cautious. While choosing the right clinic for the procedure, you must check with them about the specialisations of their staff.

Visit the clinic personally and enquire about the qualification and professional experience of the practitioners. Many patients have suffered burns, pigmentation and scars from tattoo removal, and pigmentation due to the inefficiency of laser therapists in the past.

Thus, make sure that you choose a clinic which has certified technicians with years of experience. Some of the clinics provide the details of their staff on their website as well.

Also, coloured tattoos require a variety of wavelengths because different ink absorb different wavelengths. The Q-Switched laser offers a Thermal Relaxation Time (TRT) which does not allow the heat produced by it to get transferred to the surrounding tissue.

4. Follow Medical Safety Standards

The hygiene and safety of the procedure are of the utmost importance when you visit a laser skin clinic. It can only be understood after visiting the clinic. For information, you must be aware that laser therapy must be conducted in an enclosed room, and the eyes of the patient must be protected with an eye shield.

The person should not be wearing any reflective jewellery. The equipment must be sanitised before using and the practitioner must be aware of the medical history of the patient.

Some medications can interfere with the treatment, so make sure that you do not take medicines prior to the laser treatment. The practitioner should apply a topical anaesthetic on the tattooed area to minimise the discomfort.

Also, he must provide an ice pack to be placed on the skin immediately after the session. He should then apply an antibiotic ointment and bandage the treated skin to avoid infection.

5. Before and After Stories

Most clinics have before and after pictures of their patients. These are either pasted on the reception wall or the waiting area. You can also find them on their websites.

You must check if these are photoshopped or picked up from the internet to dupe the customers. You can do a quick Google search to identify the ones that have been downloaded from the internet.

You can also speak to existing customers whom you befriend at the clinic and ask them about their experience. It will help you to avoid getting cheated.

6. Comfort Level

The safety of the procedure is also dependent on the comfort felt by the patients at the facility. When you go to the clinic for a consultation, speak to the staff members. Check how they make you feel and how the technicians inform you about the procedure.

If you feel relaxed and stress-free and the surroundings have a calming effect on you, then you can go ahead with the treatment. Your instincts can also guide you when you are feeling confused about choosing between the clinics that tick all the right boxes.


If you have been planning to undergo laser tattoo removal in Melbourne, then you must make sure that you pick the right place for the procedure. Choosing the wrong clinic can lead to an unpleasant experience and undesirable results. So, assess them on the parameters mentioned above before taking the final step.

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