Renowned dermal clinician of Fresh Skin Canvas, Bianca Sibraa was recently interviewed by the Herald Sun about the growing popularity of tattoo removal among Australians. The news piece talked about the research conducted by social researcher, Mark McCrindle which surveyed over 1000 people and found that a third of inked people regretted having a tattoo. It also suggested that more and more Australians were getting inked and Victoria had the highest number of patrons with a variety of artwork on their bodies.

However, this steep rise in getting inked has increased the need for getting treatment for laser tattoo removal in Melbourne as well. Although tattoos were considered permanent and an indelible mark for a long time, laser tattoo removal has become a reality in the current era.

The young and the restless are often found covered in different type of inks  as a sign of rebellion, but now many people are opening up to it to mark an important life-changing event or show their love for their partners. From artwork to phrases in foreign languages and verses, all kinds of symbols can be seen being flaunted by people of all generations.

Naturally, there are many who have outgrown liking the dragon or dolphin on their biceps or their ex-partner’s name on their arms. Many regret getting inked in their teens and have taken a different course in life and do not relate to the artwork’s connotations anymore. Sometimes, the professional life doesn’t allow them to retain these too-obvious memories of the past.

Consequently, a whole lot of people are getting tattoos removed through painful and expensive procedures. In fact, one out of every ten goes for a removal procedure to clear his/her skin. It is becoming quite common and the tattoo removal industry is witnessing a boom.

However, every tattoo parlour in the alley cannot do the needful. Many a time, untrained tattoo artists have left customers scarred after trying to remove their tattoos. That is why it is imperative to trust professional and qualified people who are trained in the procedure to get rid of the ink completely.

The clinicians at Northcote’s Fresh Skin Canvas have been safely and successfully removing multi-coloured tattoos using high-tech laser technology for years now. The procedures are administered by highly trained professionals who work precisely on the inked skin and make sure that no remnants of the artwork are left behind. Ms Bianca further stated that the most common thing they get at the clinic is either an ex-partner’s name or something related to a past relationship.

She added that many of these tattoos are the results of a drunken night, or a backyard job, or a Bali vacation job. She analysed that youngsters feel that tattoos make them cool but once they get older they start disliking them. The removal procedure is more painful as compared to getting inked but it takes only a few seconds, she confirmed.

Fresh Skin Canvas specialises in tattoo removals using world-class medical grade Fotona QX MAX Melbourne laser technology that absorbs the ink from the skin. The quick absorption technique involves releasing short energy pulses which break down the ink into tiny particles that are eliminated through the body’s natural filtering system.

The advanced laser energy is capable of removing all types of professional, amateur, surgical and traumatic tattoos with perfection. The QX MAX laser offers four wavelengths to choose from and each wavelength is attracted to a specific colour which enhances the chances of ink removal from all skin colours and types.

From red, purple, and tan to black, brown, yellow and green – all the colours can be effectively removed with the help of this technology. Usually, the professionally designed tattoos with a mix of hues take more sessions than an amateur tattoo, but on an average 6-10 sessions get the desired results.

The clinicians devise a personalised plan for the precise needs of people as the volume, ink colour, and the depth of the tattoo inside the dermal layers – all make a difference to the treatment. The professional services include tattoo removal, tattoo fading and customised modifications. Equipped with the latest technology, Fresh Skin Canvas has become a popular place for this procedure among people whose preferences have changed in life.


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