Tattoo eyeliners are a type of permanent makeup which allow people to enhance their appearance without wearing any cosmetics. Naturally, a lot of them are attracted to this type of inking, which lasts for a long time.

However, many start regretting their decision because they are fed up of the same look or the ink gets migrated from its original position. In some cases, the eyeliner starts appearing smudged or irregular, which can ruin its purpose of making you look beautiful. Thus many people consider removing it.

However, the most vital question that comes to the mind is whether it can be removed or not. The answer is yes! It can be removed despite being permanent. Several women opt for laser tattoo removal in Melbourne to get rid of permanent makeup as it is safe and highly successful. So here is a rundown on the best ways of getting the eyeliner tattoo removed.

How Can Eyeliner Tattoo Be Removed?

The common cause of concern among people looking for eyeliner tattoo removal is that it should not hurt or affect the eyes. Since the eyes are one of the most delicate and sensitive parts of the body, it is essential that you understand the right procedure for the treatment.

Typically, the treatment is dependent on the age of the tattoo and the depth of the ink. Eyeliner migration is the easiest to correct and can be resolved in a few sessions successfully. Let us understand what types of solutions are available for people seeking the removal of ink from the eyelids.

Tattoo Removal Creams

These cosmetic products are readily available in the market and are used to fade the ink. However, they are not effective in the removal of the ink because they are applied on the upper surface of the skin, and the ink is present below the epidermis.

These products usually consist of chemicals like hydroquinone or trichloroacetic acid (TCA),which fade the ink. These work by peeling away the skin so they are not recommended to be used on the eyes as they can affect the sight as well as cause serious side effects like scarring and pigmentation.

Saline Solutions

This treatment is beneficial for tattoos which were created only a few months back. It is useful in removing the lighter ink pigment and is not very beneficial in case of darker ink. However, it can be used on every skin tone.

It involves using a hypertonic saline solution which makes the skin cells push the pigment to the surface and ultimately expel it from the epidermis. The skin expels fluids for some time and then start to scab to begin healing. Since it leaves behind a scab, the aftercare procedure of this treatment is very crucial.

You have to ensure that the eyes are always dry and must avoid picking on the scab as it can lead to scarring. There are preventive measures to avoid scarring, which must be undertaken by the patient. Eyeliner migration can be corrected with the help of this technique.

Laser Tattoo Removal

When it comes to laser tattoo removal, people think that it cannot be used on the eyes. The concern is genuine as the laser can affect the eyes. However, experienced laser technicians keep all the precautions in mind so that it is a safe procedure.

They utilise ocular shields which are inserted in the eyes to cover the cornea. These protective devices are made up of titanium and are comfortable to wear. With this protection and the expertise of a certified technician, you can have the safest possible tattoo removal.

Laser tattoo removal is a bit uncomfortable, but it is not too painful. The practitioner can reduce the discomfort with the help of an ophthalmic numbing ointment which is applied on the eyelids, and then the ocular shields are inserted into the eyes.

For this particular tattoo removal, the non-thermal laser is utilised so that there is no heat produced in the process which affects the epidermis. The advanced laser beam targets only the ink and is super swift in action.

The high-intensity laser beam disintegrates the ink into tiny particles which are filtered out of the body naturally through the lymphatic system. After the first treatment, the tattoo becomes frosty, which is a response of the body towards the impact of the laser.

Then the colours start reappearing, and it becomes slightly darker than its original tone. After each session, this colour becomes lighter and lighter, and it fades away completely by the end of the treatment.

After the sessions, the area can become swollen and red, but this condition subsides within a day or two. The treatment requires multiple sessions, and each appointment is spaced six to eight weeks apart.

Should You Opt For These Treatments?

If you are concerned about the look of the tattoo and want to remove it, then it is a good idea to opt for any of these procedures.

However, it is best to consult a dermatologist who will help you to understand the treatment which will be suitable for your skin. Also, laser tattoo removal should be performed by an experienced and qualified technician who can carry out the procedure safely as the area to be covered is highly sensitive.


If you have permanent eye makeup which needs to be corrected or removed completely, then choosing laser tattoo removal in Melbourne is your best bet. It does not cause any side-effects when performed by an expert. So get rid of the unwanted ink with the help of an expert.

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