Tattoo removal has become highly popular in the past few years. It is the most successful and practical solution for ink removal and does not harm the skin. However, many who want to replace their existing tattoo with a new one think about skipping the step of tattoo removal.

They forget that it is impossible to get a new tattoo without the original ink showing itself from underneath and damaging the look of the new artwork. The cover-up will not work until the ink below is faded.

Thus, people trying to get a cover-up need to lighten the existing ink with the help of laser tattoo removal Melbourne and then get a brand-new tattoo. It is one of the best ways to get rid of the ink you have started to hate and get a design that resonates with you. So, here are the advantages of fading a tattoo before cover-up.

1. Fading for Best Cover-Up

If you think that you can cover-up an ugly tattoo with more ink, you are mistaken. The first step is to get the existing ink faded for the new design to come out in the best way possible. You do not want the two to get merged and create a different design that you despise and makes others cringe.

So, when you have decided to get a new tattoo in the same spot where you once got tattooed, you need to find a reputed laser clinic to get it faded. Your tattoo artist will not get confused about filling the ink at the right spots and will find his way easily around the faded ink to create a unique piece of riveting art.

2. Smooth Canvas for Work

A faded tattoo will not create any hindrances in the way of the new design as the tattoo artist will get smooth skin. He will not have to insert the needle on an embossed skin that can make it challenging to make an intricate design.

Lightening the ink will ensure that your design will not be affected by the present one, and it will appear smoother and sharper without any show-through of the old ink.

3. Healthy Skin for Tattooing

Laser tattoo removal ensures that there are no side effects, and your skin is healthy and ready for the cover-up. With laser therapy, you are not at the risk of getting scarred or burnt.

After the last fading session, you will have to wait for six to eight weeks and then can have a cover-up. With other tattoo removal techniques like salabrasion, there is a massive risk of side effects, which can make it impossible to get a cover-up tattoo.

4. Quicker Method

Fading does not take as much time as complete removal of the tattoo. Thus, you can get the ink lightened in just a few sessions. Laser tattoo removal ensures that the tattoo gets faded evenly and becomes a light reflection of the earlier image. You can witness fading from the first laser tattoo removal appointment and take a call about the intensity of lightness that you need for the cover-up.

5. Custom Fading

Some tattoo designs may need customised fading of the existing ink. It allows fading only a part of the tattoo to create a new design with the remaining part and the lightened part. The laser technician will cover the ink and work only on the desired area that needs to be faded to get the best results.

Preferred partial and custom fading are only possible with laser tattoo removal. Lightening the old ink can bring out new shades that can help in designing a new colourful tattoo that displays a remarkable colour scheme.

6. Save Money

Camouflaging your old tattoo becomes more affordable with fading. Since lightening requires lesser sessions, the cost of laser therapy comes down considerably. It offers the perfect fading that allows the tattoo artist to cover it up completely without any distortions or blurring effects caused by the presence of the old ink.

The tattoo artist can look at the faded tattoo and will inform when the ideal time is to stop further lightening of the ink. The number of sessions will depend on the age, size, design, and volume of ink present in the skin.

7. Effortless Cover-up

Lightened tattoo provides the best canvas for a cover-up. However, if you do not get the tattoo faded, it will get you the expected result. As the old tattoo will still peep from under the new ink and remind you about its ugly appearance. Most people opt for a cover-up because they do not want the existing tattoo.

So, to cover it up completely, you must opt for fading with the help of laser tattoo removal. It will make the job of the tattoo artist easier, and your old ink will stay hidden.


If you wish to get a new tattoo over an existing one to conceal it completely, you must first get the existing ink faded with the help of laser tattoo removal in Melbourne. It is the safest and easiest way to get a cover-up.

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