Tattoos are forever! However, if you feel that the art form no longer represents your personality or feelings, you can get rid of it. Most people rely on laser tattoo removal in Melbourne to completely eliminate or fade their tattoos without any side effects.

It is the safest and most successful treatment which gives you freedom from unwanted ink and the regret associated with it. If you too have been bearing the burden of an undesirable tattoo, then it is time to say goodbye to it with laser therapy. However, you must prepare yourself for the procedure to get the best results. So here are a few tips that will help you to get ready for the appointment.

1. Research About the Procedure

When you have decided to undergo laser tattoo removal, you must equip yourself with all the information you can accumulate on the subject. It is essential to debunk all the myths associated with the treatment and be mentally prepared for what lies ahead.

For instance, you should be aware of the fact that the procedure is completed over several sessions, which are spaced six to eight weeks apart. Multi-coloured and professional tattoos take more time than single ink and amateur tattoos.

Thus, you will not get rid of the ink in just one appointment. It will take time, and you will have to adhere to the pre-and post-care regimen religiously during this period.

2. Stay Protected from Sun Exposure

Australians are exposed to high levels of UV radiations and these can cause tanning, sunburn and even skin cancer. If you are planning to undergo laser tattoo removal, then you must stay away from direct exposure to sunlight as tanned or sunburnt skin is not ideal for laser treatment.

So, make sure that you are appropriately covered while going out and carry an umbrella or hat to keep yourself under shade. In addition, you must apply sunscreen of SPF 30 or above to be on the safe side. If you get tanned, you will have to wait for your skin to heal before starting with the laser procedure. You must avoid the sun even after the treatment to protect the skin from reactions and irritation.

3. Strengthen Your Immune System

The laser directs a beam of light on the treatment area, which penetrates into the dermis without affecting the surrounding tissue. The light is absorbed by the ink pigment present under the epidermis and breaks it down into tiny particles.

The immune system identifies them as foreign materials and expels them through the natural filtration process. Thus, you need to strengthen your immunity to speed up the process of elimination of the ink and healing.

Make sure to eat a healthy and balanced diet and avoid junk foods. Also, exercise regularly to stay fit. Quit smoking for some time as smoking constricts blood vessels, which can interfere with the expulsion of the ink. 

4. Stay Hydrated

Drinking lots of water is one advice that is often repeated by health practitioners. It helps in flushing out the toxins from the body and improving the health of your skin.

On the day of the session, you must eat a filling meal and have plenty of water so that you do not feel dizzy after the treatment. Dehydration or an empty stomach can cause light-headedness, so make sure that you do not skip any meals before the session.

5. Enquire About Pain Relief

The laser treatment feels like arubber band snapping on your skin and is mostly bearable. However, if you think that you will not be comfortable with the sensation, you can ask your practitioner to use a topical anaesthetic.

If your practitioner allows, then you can also take Tylenol for pain relief. However, do not take ibuprofen or aspirin before the treatment as it can lead to bruising of the epidermis by making it photosensitive. If you notice scabbing or blistering after the session, do not pick on it and consult your practitioner about the right care. 

6. Prepare for The Session

Take a bath and clean the area with soap and water on the day of the treatment. Do not apply any lotions, perfumes, moisturisers, or cosmetics. Wear loose clothing which will not rub against the treated skin while taking them off. As soon as the session is completed, apply a cold compress on the area to soothe it.

The practitioner will then bandage it after applying antibiotic cream. You must keep the bandage on for three days and change it regularly during this period. Keep the area clean and dry afterwards, and do not take any hot showers. Clean your skin gently with cold water and mild soap and pat it dry. 


If you have decided to take the leap and get your annoying tattoo removed, then you must prepare yourself for laser tattoo removal in Melbourne by following the tips mentioned above.  

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