Tattoo lovers are always in search of new designs to create new artwork on their bodies. Getting inked again becomes an obsession among the aficionados who also utilise cover-ups to transform their tattoos. It involves creating a new artistic expression over an existing one.

However, to achieve this feat, they need to remove some part of the current tattoo or fade it to bring out the new colours. This is where laser tattoo removal in Melbourne comes into the picture. The treatment helps in perfect fading or custom modifications so that you can get inked again at the same place.

However, a lot of people are not aware of this technique and are usually confused about tattoo cover-ups. So here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the procedure.

Q1. Which Tattoos Can Be Covered Up?

All the tattoos, whether they are big or small, can be covered up by a tattoo artist. However, you need to fade or remove the existing tattoo using laser treatment before the cover-up. It is a highly beneficial permanent solution that is not painful.

When the procedure is carried out by an experienced technician using advanced lasers, it brings out the best results. Also, it is the safest tattoo fading method, so you don’t have to worry about any side-effects. Thus whether it is a tattoo covering the entire length of your leg or neck, a cover-up is possible for all types and sizes.

The only requirement is the fading of the original tattoo. Also, it won’t be possible to cover-up a relatively large tattoo with a small one. Thus make sure you have a realistic idea in mind for the cover-up.

Q2. How Does Cover-Up Work?

The ink of the tattoo reaches the layer under the epidermis called the dermis. So the new ink of the cover-up also reaches the same layer. However, the new ink doesn’t sit over the old one. Both of them fuse to create a new colour which is darker and brings out the new design in a more pronounced manner.

The tattoo artist has to use dark and heavily pigmented colours to create healthy body art. Thus the professional working on the cover-up has to consider the colour of the original ink and the fused colour created after the new ink is deposited in the dermis.

Therefore, it is better to get the tattoo faded before the cover-up so that you are able to get the desired colour on your new tattoo. The darker colours of the old ink may stand out from beneath the new design, so fading them is a good idea.

Q3. Can I Avoid Fading Before Cover-Up?

Many people think laser tattoo removal is too costly and painful. However, it is the most successful way of fading ink affordably and without any pain. It also gives the tattoo artist the flexibility to create a new artwork without being hindered by the original ink.

Since the old ink is faded, it does not affect the new pattern and colour much. Also, you can use the highly-effective laser technology to partially or completely remove the original tattoo so that new tattoo can be created without any limitations of colour and size.

If you want to improvise the design and keep the original art intact, then laser fading or modification can play a vital role in accomplishing the desired result.

 Q4. How Much Time Does Tattoo Fading Take?

The duration of the fading process depends on the size of the tattoo and the density of the ink. If it is a large tattoo with different colours like red, yellow and blue, then it will take three to four sessions. However, if it is a medium-sized tattoo with black ink, then the fading can be completed in merely two sessions.

Thus it proves to be a cost-effective procedure that allows you to cover-up the old tattoo completely. Also, fading is achieved faster than complete removal. Therefore several tattoo artists ask their clients to get their ink faded from a reputed laser clinic.

Q5. Can I Get A Part of The Tattoo Removed For Cover-Up?

Yes, laser tattoo removal is a highly targeted treatment which works on the ink pigment present in the dermis without affecting the surrounding tissues and the epidermis. You can discuss your requirements with the laser technician, and they will inform you about the partial removal procedure.

For example, if you have a flower tattoo on your arm and you want to remove the stalk from it, then it can be easily done with the help of a laser. The technician will envelop the part that has to stay intact and will work on the rest of the tattoo. The laser is also useful in making the finest modifications, such as removing a thin line from the tattoo.


Individuals who are passionate about tattoos do not stop with one. They keep toying with new patterns, colours and cover-ups. If you too are planning a cover-up, then make sure you utilise laser tattoo removal in Melbourne to get the best outcome.

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