Vascular Laser Technology


We Use Latest Vascular Laser Technology in Melbourne

Over the past few years, the vascular laser technology treatment has evolved remarkably. It is basically used to treat the red blemishes of your skin, rosacea, redness of the face and neck.

At our laser skin clinic in Melbourne, our expert team of Dermal Clinicians use Fotona QX Max laser to cure all types of superficial vascular skin issues. Exterior changes in your skin and body can be effectively treated by the safe removal of those pigments and vascular conditions off the face and body, thus, protecting the surrounding tissues from:

  • Rosacea
  • Broken capillaries
  • Birthmarks
  • Phlebectasis (Venous Lakes)
  • Angiomas and Haemangiomas
Vascular Treatments – Face
Single Price
  • 1/2 Face$160
  • Cheeks $90
  • Chin $69
  • Ears $50
  • Single Spot$50
  • Forehead $100
  • Front of Neck$150
  • Full Face$250
  • Nose $50
  • Upper Lip$50
Price Per 6
  • 1/2 Face$118
  • Cheeks $69
  • Chin $59
  • Ears $40
  • Single Spot$40
  • Forehead $70
  • Front of Neck$110
  • Full Face$190
  • Nose $40
  • Upper Lip$40
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