Pigmentation Treatment in Melbourne

Pigmentation occurs due to the excessive melanin secretion in the body resulting in uneven black spots or patches. Melanin is a pigment that is produced by skin cells called melanocytes and gives your skin its colour. Several different conditions can alter the melanin content of your body which includes excessive sun exposure, stress, hormonal changes or heavy doses of drugs or medicines.

At Fresh Skin Canvas, we are the skin clinic in Melbourne providing pigmentation treatment by using medical grade QX Max lasers. These lasers help you reduce the skin discolouration and even out your skin tone. This, in turn, gives your skin a youthful and natural radiance.

Using Fotona QX Max lasers is the safest, cost-effective, and non-surgical method to effectively eliminate dark spots, pigmentation, and wrinkles for any skin type. To make sure you receive the best services that suit your skin type, it is recommended that you have an initial consultation with one of our skin specialists. We will help you choose the best treatment and highlight the options that treat your skin in the most appropriate manner. To book a session at our skin clinic, Melbourne locals can contact us on 03 9481 7272.

Pigmentation Removal – Face
Single Price
  • 1/2 Face$150
  • Cheeks$90
  • Chin$60
  • Ears $50
  • Single Spot$50
  • Forehead $100
  • Front of Neck$150
  • Full Face$250
  • Nose $50
  • Upper Lip$50
Price Per 6
  • 1/2 Face$100
  • Cheeks$65
  • Chin$49
  • Ears $40
  • Single Spot$40
  • Forehead $70
  • Front of Neck$110
  • Full Face$190
  • Nose $40
  • Upper Lip$40
Pigmentation Removal – Upper Body
Single Price
  • 1/2 Arms$160
  • 1/2 Back$190
  • 1/4 Arms$100
  • 1/4 Back$110
  • 3/4 Back$230
  • Back of Neck$90
  • Full Back$280
  • Full Back and Shoulders$320
  • Hands and Fingers$60
  • Shoulders $110
  • Décolletage $100
  • Full Arms$240
  • Single Spot $40
Price Per 6
  • 1/2 Arms$120
  • 1/2 Back$140
  • 1/4 Arms$80
  • 1/4 Back$80
  • 3/4 Back$170
  • Back of Neck$70
  • Full Back$210
  • Full Back and Shoulders$240
  • Hands and Fingers$50
  • Shoulders $89
  • Décolletage $80
  • Full Arms$180
  • Single Spot $29
Pigmentation Removal – Lower Body
Single Price
  • 1/2 Legs$300
  • Feet and Toes$49
  • Full Legs$470
  • Single Spot$40
Price Per 6
  • 1/2 Legs$250
  • Feet and Toes$22
  • Full Legs$300
  • Single Spot$29
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