Fineline & Wrinkle Reduction


Fineline and Wrinkle Reduction in Melbourne

As you age, your skin starts getting looser and dull. Ageing increases the elasticity of your skin and can be a result of excess sun exposure, stress, dehydration, or other factors. At Fresh Skin Canvas, we are a laser skin clinic in Melbourne that aims to improve your skin using innovative methods and techniques.

FRAC3 Skin Rejuvenation

FRAC3 Skin Rejuvenation is a contemporary and innovative method to improve your skin by using Fotona’s Nd: YAG laser under FRAC3 Mode. It is a non-ablative method which is different from other traditional methods because of its exclusive 3D auto-fractionated laser properties. This method can effectively remove wrinkle lines and imperfections over a course of treatments.

How Does FRAC3 Laser Treatment Operate?

In this process, the Fotona laser beams are passed on to the surface of your skin that eventually penetrates the deeper layers of your skin. The FRAC3 laser produces self-induced thermal damage that gets activated deep into your skin tissue. It rejuvenates and modifies your skin tissue that is damaged, without harming any part of your skin. This is achieved by penetrating long/short pulses of lasers deep into your skin that can minimise heat diffusion effects.

What Does FRAC3 Treat?

The FRAC3 laser treatment effectively removes underlying blemishes, imperfections and pigments with 100% safety without risking adverse skin effects. This treatment results in the formation of new collagen giving your skin a more natural, tighter and firmer look. FRAC3 treats:

  • Deep-lying Pigments
  • Tightens and Firms the Skin
  • Inflammatory ACNE and pimples
  • Uneven Skin Tone
  • Open or large Pores
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