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Effective Skin Needling Treatment in Melbourne

Due to the ozone layer depletion, the sun in Melbourne causes an ageing effect on the skin. It reduces skin elasticity, as a result, fine lines and wrinkles are observed. So, are you the one looking to improve your appearance, skin tone and texture? Need to reduce the effect of scarring and blemishes? Skin needling with the Fresh Skin Canvas is the perfect choice for you when it comes to long-term improvement of your skin.

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What is Skin Needling?

Skin needling is also renowned as collagen induction therapy (CIT). It is the special regenerating treatment that safely penetrates deep layers of skin, aiding the repair and rejuvenates problematic skin area. With our skin needling treatment in Melbourne, we are dedicated to improving skin texture and support skin regeneration.

What can Skin Needling Treat?

Skin needling treatment is used to treat following skin conditions:

  • Hyper-pigmentation, sun damage and age spots
  • Stretch marks and surgical scars
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Sagging, loose skin
  • Enlarged, open pores
  • Acne scarring
  • Accidental and trauma scars

At Fresh Skin Canvas, our professional team of dermal clinicians offers efficient skin needling treatment using the latest medical grade equipment and cosmeceutical skin care suitable for all skin types.

How Does Skin Needling Work?

The concept of skin needling is based on the skin’s ability to repair itself from injury. The process of skin needling involves multiple needles of different sizes, acting together in a different skin area to be treated. Small punctures are done to the skin using precision medical micro-needles attached to a highly-engineered roller to incite collagen growth. Collagen growth is the key to skin repair.

This procedure has been carried out for many years and proven to treat a number of skin conditions. We at Fresh Skin Canvas use quality titanium and gold-plated roller to guarantee sterility and client’s satisfaction.

When Will I See Progress in My Skin Condition?

The results are observed approximately 8 weeks after your first session of skin needling treatment. You will see the positive signs of rejuvenation immediately after your treatment. Basically, you will observe results each week as the skin changes due to collagen re-growth.

Is Skin Needling Painful?

Compared to other cosmetic procedures, skin needling is not painful. As prior to the treatment an anaesthetic gel is applied to the targets ensuring that the patient feels comfortable throughout the procedure.

At Fresh Skin Canvas, we use the world’s best technology for our skin needling treatments, Dermapen. It is the pen needling technology helps the skin to repair itself after it has encountered any physical damage like cuts or scars.

What is Skin Needling with Dermapen?

The most advanced form of facial skin needling is known as Dermapen. It is the needling technology that uses electronically charged automation with an ergonomic wand. The vibrating effect of dermapen increases procedural comfort while developing small rejuvenating channels across the skin.

In this therapy, the disposable needles are used which eliminates the risk of cross-contamination. Being the most innovative rejuvenation therapies available today, it can easily treat hard to reach areas like around the nose, eyes or lips.

Want to keep your skin young with growing age, try Dermapen skin needling treatment!

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Which Areas Can Be Treated with Skin Needling?

Skin needling treatment is used to treat the face, neck and décolletage. Also, it can be done on the back of hands for thinning skin and dullness around the eyes to diminish the dark circles.

Side Effects of Skin Needling Treatment

If you are wondering what are the side effects of skin needling, here’s your answer. There are no negative side effects of skin needling treatment, but depending on the type of your skin, you may experience:

  • Little bruising and swelling, 2-4 days post-treatment
  • Some redness and swelling for 24-48 hours post-treatment
  • Tightness, flaking and crusting of the skin 3-5 days post-treatment

Long-term side effects are very rare but can include changes in skin colour, delayed swelling and infection.


What Level of Discomfort is expected with Skin Needling?

Basically, the level of discomfort is different for everyone. Some patients have no issues with needling done in any area or another feel unfamiliar sensation. Hence, depending on the level of discomfort, we always offer the option of a topical anaesthetic cream applied to the area before the treatment. It is useful to minimise any discomfort and keep their minds at ease.

Post Skin Needling Treatment

What Is the Downtime After A Skin Needling Treatment?

After the skin needling treatment, the inflammatory reaction of the skin is very short and fades within hours, from the redness to pinkish that may last for 12 to 24 hours on average. Most of the patients are able to continue their routine work the same day using mineral makeup. But, it is also important to protect the skin with sunscreen SPF30+.

Who Is The Most Suitable Candidate For Skin Needling?

This treatment is best for the individuals who want to decrease the threat of hyperpigmentation and scarring. If you have thin and sensitive skin, then skin needling is the most suitable option for you. Also, if you are searching for affordable skin rejuvenation options, then you can opt for this treatment.

Skin Needling May Not Be Suited for Whom?

Skin needling is not appropriate for patients who have used Accutane (Isotretinoin) – a medication used to treat severe acne within the last three months. Also, if you are suffering from any skin infection or had radiation skin treatment within last year are not preferred to go for skin needling treatment.

How Many Skin Needling Treatments I need and How Often?

Micro-needling can be safely repeated every 4-6 weeks until you achieve the desired results. For collagen induction, we recommend starting with 3 treatments, but with a minimum separation time of 4 to 6 weeks between treatments. For scar reduction, an average of 3 to 6 treatments is recommended.

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How Much Does Skin Needling in Melbourne Cost?

The treatment cost is based on each patient’s needs and desired results; hence the average starting price is $180-$200. But if you opt for a single package of the Dermapen skin needling treatment for full face, neck and décolletage, then you might end up paying a bit higher.

At Fresh Skin Canvas, we value your loyalty. We provide you with the complete treatment guideline for a home care skin regime to guarantee that you receive the highest benefit level from our skin needling treatment in Melbourne. For more information, contact us at 03 9481 7272 and get rid of skin problems quickly.

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